Friday, July 6, 2012

Today went out shopping with Anne ^^

I sent Diba to work early today and then went straight to Anne's SA house. Got directions from her the day before, who knew she lived so near I-City? Lol at least I know I wont get lost now~ hahaha.

Arghhh, after the tiring night the day before, and waking early to send Diba, and the long jam, I fell asleep while waiting for Anne to get ready. My body feels the pain of sudden training. Hmmm....need to get more in shape!

We visited Setia Mall to see the pretty letter wooden design thing-a-majiga~ Lol. I have no idea what they are called other than the fact that they are there for decoration purposes. Then we went to Ikea to look for some stuff. My main purpose is to find boxes for our Teentop To You project. But I couldnt find any below RM20, so I think I need to look elsewhere. But i did find awesome mirrors that I would want for my room decor, and also shelves and extension wire and pretty lamps. OMG I cannot go into Ikea without wanting to bring home the entire store with me!

We did buy a pretty light piece thats supposed to decorate the room. I'll hang it up and take a pic once my room project is done.....which wont be for another month maybe, if I keep delaying painting it!!

Did our recording for girl dances today too. Lolyta came back from Indonesia~ I miss having her around. She keeps the group more calm ^^ It's gonna be tough without her. Sigh.

Oh well, I should get the videos done and up soon. By tonight! While I'm waiting for it to render and stuff, I might as well get some emails and works out of the way. Also watched Nuest's new teaser. Ren looks more like a girl, if thats possible! hahahaha.

I also watched Suju's comeback performances at MCountdown. I like their 'From U' perf. The dance is so cute and mesmerizing~ I'm tempted to learn it hahaha, but I think it's too hard to teach in class. Maybe their title track sexy, free and single would be a better selection? What do the students think, I wonder...

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