Monday, July 9, 2012

sunday, another end of a week

its the end of another day, sunday, and that marks the end of this week.

so much happened this week, and yet, i feel like not enough has been done.

we're not done learning/polishing our individuals dances, but most of us are done with learning part of that and also the mini-project. But everything seems so far from recording, it bothers me. Well at least our Hello Venus/Apink short cover is done and uploaded, so we dont have to bring that along with us any longer.

wondering if i will actually finish my new outfit by my birthday. and also, its been two weeks and no progress on the whole bedroom make over just yet. I really should get a move on if I want this to happen.

The interview is creeping up, I need to get ready and prepare for that too.

Also, had our first of four, free korean lessons. I dont really need it, but its a fun thing to do with the group, and it is sponsored anyways. I would love to continue these lessons though. I want my 3 semesters taking korean language at uni to actually mean something, and get me somewhere hopefully in the future. Time to take out those old books and get back to studying ^^

Oh and btw, my kitties are having problems. They are around 6 months old now. Sauda seems to hate Milky so much. I didnt realize it til tonight, the reason why Milky doesnt stay around the house much is because Sauda kicks him out =.= I hope they get along well someday though. It annoys me that Sauda makes this house feel not like home for Milky. poor Milky T.T

Oh another episode of MOBBED is playing on TV. Gonna sew and watch it, bbye!! XD

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