Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a productive tuesday

Annyeong ^^

Just a little past midnight, its already Wednesday, 4th July. Oh wow, its Independence Day in the US.

Anyways, a semi-productive day today. I taught Sistar - Loving U for dance class. and also run through the dance clips that we're doing for the auditions. It not easy work, all these different choreo. Kinda worries me, but I do want to get it done.

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll record both dance choreo for the 2 dance classes, and also take pics of my first done 'blouse' project'. Can't wait for my dress project to be done too, so I can start on the whole painting room thing.

I was wondering if I should put off painting the room til I've put up all the drilled in shelves that I want in my room. Showed Anne my 'ideas'. hahahhaa does seem pretty ambitious ^^ But couldnt hurt to get at least the feature 'mural' wall done~ heheheh~ Might cost me several hundred to get done, but it would be worth it to love my room hehehe~

Ohhhh and I've also thought about what to do with all that excess fabric that I have left over from previous projects. I think I might make them all into quilt blocks ^^ that way I can make a colorful multi-fabric quilt for my room~ wheeeeee!!

Okay, I better get off now. I want to start sewing before heading to bed. Many plans of what to achieve tomorrow!

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