Thursday, July 12, 2012

the eve of my 26th birthday

oh yay, another year has passed and my birthday is here again. ritttteeee.... hahaha how i wish time can drag on longer and i never have to grow older. but time moves on still, and we wont gain experience and knowledge is no time passes right?

So, what did i do today? on the eve of my 26th?
I had a bad start, got stuck in jam when I'm supposed to see my lecturer really early in the morn. Then my chest pains start working up again. Decided to go to see a doctor about it. She worries its due to stress. I reassure her I am not stressed, although I am lying, but hey, why feed the unnecessary? Everyone close to me tells me to beware of my stress levels, but I really think I can handle it if I just keep things in perspective, you know? So the doctor asked a bunch of questions, which I tried to answer as truthfully and detailed as I can. And then she ordered an ECG. My heart is in great condition, it seems. I have a feeling the pain may be external, some muscle that I don't know that I have pulled. It hurts worse when I move right? I don't know.

Since the doc asked me to go home and rest and de-stress (she keeps insisting), so I went home and took a long nap. A loooooonnnnngggg nap! Turns out I didn't wake til 2pm! Good thing I had breakfast, but I was still famished. Cooked myself my favorite chili and soy sauce curry maggi XDD and napped some more. Then I watched alot of TV and mindlessly surfed the internet.

Around 6pm, I snapped out of it and started cleaning the house. Did the laundry and dishes. Then started cleaning away all my clothes. My room was getting all messy again. At least, in the hour that I was cleaning, I got some part of my room settled out. Then off to studio as per usual.

I recorded my this week's dance class bit, and taught Adek our current project. Didn't work out much today, I'm feeling kind of tired and heavy. I think menses are definitely coming soon. Sigh, I'd rather not worry about it this weekend with the show and all, but every month we ladies must deal with this disaster bringer right?

So, I was supposed to come home and quickly edit and upload the video, while using my other lappie to burn a DVD for my movie day tomorrow. I remembered to burn, but did not remember to start on the editing part. and OMG its 1am already!! Hahahahah, looks like I'm late again~

So, doing that now, simultaneously as I type this blog entry. I've got my day tomorrow sort of planned out. I want to watch Kai's favorite movie Billy Elliot. And Anne's coming over to watch with me. Planning to have some pizza over too, and of course (thanking Abang's birthday present that i just got), pigging out with a lot of chocolates XDD I hope we get to do our family dinner too, and I'm really missing Chili's T.T since I'm the only one in the family who even bothers to want to eat there~

haaaaa....also since I'm only going to sleep after I finish uploading, i wanna start reading arbitrage. Only because all my other Kaisoo shipper friends seems to have read it. I love Kaisoo btw. Jongin and Kyungsoo can live together happily if I can have my wish come true =))) I know I dont normally read FFs since I dont like my opinions of my idols affected by other people's stories/perception of them. But Kaisoo will make this exception. At least of course for tonight. =) the eve of my birthday. Hehehehehh~

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