Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ahhhh wassap everybody?

Oh look at the time, its past midnight again, and so it's already Thursday 5th July on the dashboard. Its been a semi-productive day again hahaha.

I overslept and woke at 12. freaked me out cos I slept alot earlier, so that means overall overslept. I hate oversleeping! it makes me sluggish the rest of the day, not to mention wasted all that extra time that I shouldve been awake! What about you? Dont you just hate it?

Today, I just sewed mostly. Still tired, and so I napped a bit. Didn't get as much done today as I hoped.
I feel alot of my day was wasted in front of the TV, not even realizing how much time has passed me by. I should really get to work on my interview prep. That is something I cant put off, since my dad is really hoping for me to ace it. Geez, time really does fly by when you dont keep track. I must start wearing a watch all day!

Went to studio at around 7pm with Diba today. Adek and Zaty joined us. We just ran through all our audition vids. Its alot of hard work this. Not usually our style, but I think it will make us better dancers overall. To step outside of our comfort zone. Not really for me, but I don't know how much further I can step out before I fall flat on my face. Worries me too. As I step closer and closer to my body limits, I cant help worrying that it might break me. But for now, I'll leave it til the day comes. I guess that's kinda bad planning (not even a plan!), but really can't think of how I can prepare any better for this.

Take away MILO AIS is heaven!!! and we just dinner at home, cooked some burgers. We're using the dinner money my dad gave earlier for tomorrow's breakfast. MCD DRIVE THRU BREAKFAST IS DA BOMB!!! hahahahah I should really get healthier, but I keep putting it off, since these junk/fast food tastes so goddem nice T.T

So thats my day. and its ending early tonight since I have to send Diba to work tomorrow, and also date with Anne~ ^^ oh and by the way, I wanted my blog to be more about my emotions and my diary to be more about what I've been doing. Hahahaha it does seem the role is reversed no? But i can type faster than I write, so I don't want to end up writing alot. ^^ Oh well. Bbyes~ 

p/s: sorry i forgot to write about what i'm doing at the present. Managed to record the short routine i did for dance class yesterday. I'm editing it now, and will upload it shortly while i bath, and then hit the sack for me ^^

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