Sunday, July 29, 2012

101 Things to Know About Her (part 1)

1. her name is sauda
2. sauda is arabic actually, but i googled it means dark beauty
3. she was named by my dad, cos we named the white one Milky Jr.
4. she is one day older than milky
5. she's technically not related to milky but they grew up together
6. when she was young, she didn't have a voice
7. she grew up learning fast, alot faster than milky
8. she was healthy as a kitten, ate well, grew well
9. she learned to climb/jump early, and pushed higher heights everyday
10.she developed a love for this little ball on a rope. she goes crazy when she hears it (the sound it makes when it falls)
11.she never really liked other toys, but she did enjoy destroying paper/boxes/tissue
12.i used to teach her to talk, encouraging her to mew/beg for her food
13.we knew she actually does have voice when she was bathed and started screaming....healthily
14.she was a few months old before she really started vocalizing, then she started getting loud
15.she really started mewing was when milky started disappearing. guess she thought she owned the house now
16.she had habitual sleeping spots, that she picks and sleeps there often
17.sleep spot#1 when she was young, she'd go behind the curve of the sofa, where you cant find her
18.sleep spot#2 she used to sleep under raiza's bed, so you cant find her
19.sleep spot#3 she learned to jump ontop of the tall cupboard and sleep there, where you cant find her
20.sleep spot#4 she quietly sneaks next to the microwave (on the countertop) and sleeps there, camouflage so you cant find her
21.sleep spot#5 she's climb on top of the dish tray box. unfortunately in full view of the world, so you can see her
22. when they were younger, we used to put them in a huge cage out back
23. sauda whines cos its cold out, and milky gets sick often, so i'd let them back in the house anyways
24. sauda is an extremely picky eater, she doesnt like many types of food
25. she likes to eat when others are eating, and what others are eating, so you cant eat near her, she might just leave her catfood and go for yours
26. she often raids the trash at night
27. had a few bathroom incidences in the house. i always forgive her
28. if you dont let her out, she might use the kitchen sink as her bathroom
29. she used to like a cat treat 'Greenies'. good for cat dental health
30. i made her grab for it. taught her to stand on her hind legs
31. she used this idea to climb people (especially my dad) when begging for food from the dining table
32. she's go on the countertop to 'assess' what we were having for dinner on the dining table
33. can stretch out to the chair, like a bridge, but cannot get back to safety
34. often climbs behind people's chair when we are having a meal
35. she sleeps on the dining table often
36. she doesnt like being cold, hence a night in airconditioning is not nice for her
37. she used to climb behind my curtains and hide there
38. she onced raided my bottom drawer and slept there for hours. taught milky to do it too. =.="
39. she uses the aquarium to jump over to the top of the cupboard.
40. she previously used to 'kacau' the fish in the aquarium. i get scared she might fall in an drown
41. she uses the aquarium on her way down the cupboard. more than once, the aquarium light looks like it might break and fall off
42. she once jumped off the cupboard, on to my chest as i was sleeping on the couch. sudden fright
43. she caused very little scratches/injury to me while she's growing. technically a very good mannered cat
44. she did scratch a yarn out of zaty's jeans, one of which zaty would never forgive
45. sauda's dark fur is soft only because she takes care of herself very diligently. otherwise she was not born with great fur
46. she looked pretty as she grew up. she's a tall cat, slender legs
47. males cats liked to follow her around, because she's the hot thang on our street
48. she's afraid of other cats. often runs back in the house when confronted
49. black and white cat 'Ricky' used to chase her. she's wet herself in her fright.
50. white male and orange male are interested in her, follows her home. she goes inside when she's frightened but knows i will chase away all the bad guys.

p/s: i'll continue the next half tomorrow, since my mum is wondering why I havent gone to bed yet. So good night.


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