Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thanks for 3000 subscriptions!!! Request a cover from EPSILON

1. 25votes : Infinite/BTD
2. 16votes : Teentop/Crazy
3. 10votes : APink/My My
4. 6votes : EXO/Time control
5. 5votes : Infinite/Paradise
6. 4votes : EunHae/oppa oppa
6. 4votes : B1A4/Beautiful Target
6. 4votes : UKISS/Tick Tack
9. 3votes : Boyfriend/Boyfriend
9. 3votes : Boyfriend/Don't touch my girl
11. 2votes: MyName/Message
11. 2votes: T-ara/Roly Poly
11. 2votes: SHINee/Love like oxygen
11. 2votes: T-ara/cry cry
11. 2votes: Boyfriend/I'll be there
11. 2votes: UKISS/Neverland
11. 2votes: MBlaq/Mona Lisa
11. 2votes: Boyfriend/You&I
19. 1vote: DBSK/Purple Line
19. 1vote: B2ST/I like you best
19. 1vote: Rainbow/to me
19. 1vote: 4Minute/I My Me Mine
19. 1vote: Super Junior/A cha
19. 1vote: EunHae/I wanna love you
19. 1vote: Young Boy/Taken
19. 1vote: F(x)/Hot summer
19. 1vote: B2ST/Breathe
19. 1vote: SHINee/To your heart
19. 1vote: Taeyang/where you at
19. 1vote: DBSK/Keep your head down
19. 1vote: Infinite/Be mine
19. 1vote: T-ara/Lovey dovey
19. 1vote: Chocolat/Syndrome
19. 1vote: Secret/Shy boy
19. 1vote: Teentop/Teentop
19. 1vote: DNT/Knock knock
19. 1vote: Mblaq/It's war
19. 1vote: Secret/Love is move
19. 1vote: SHINee/Senorita

This is the compiled list as of 15/01/12. 3 more days to request! (p/s: to those who wrote more than one song, we only take into account the first song. songs that we have already done are excluded.)

to request, write a comment at the youtube video above!!

deadline: 18/01/12

updating the recent

okay, been super duper duper busy again.
i was super duper busy before
but now im super duper duper busy.
reason is:
1) doing my final year project work
2) took a part-time job (10am-7pm 6days a week)
3) handled auditions for EPSILON
4) final exams for my semester 1

it was a hectic hectic 2 weeks T.T

but here's the good news!
today, i finished all my exam papers d~ YAY!!!!
this week, did 2 round of auditions for EPSILON d~ YAY!!!!
this week, survived my first week of part-time job as promoter ~ YAY!!!!
finished IC50 part of my FYP, left inverted ~ YAY!!!!

not only that we got the surprise of our lives!
remember the super duper new years?
well, i sent in our teentop spazzing video also, just to see my luck.
And as icing on the cake, even though they said the shirt distribution is by random selection, they gave B1A4 shirt to dba and TEENTOP shirt to me XDDD
isnt that super nice??
hahaha we spazzed dem loud that night (got in trouble with my mum T.T)
anyways, here's the pictures. i'll upload the vids later i think. no time now, i'm super busy dealing with other stuff too haha!!

hahaha i look like crap. anyways, this is me holding the shirt out. from up left and clockwise: cap, ljoe, chunji, niel changjo and ricky. (why ricky one so faded? T.T finished ink? hahaha)
can see ljoe/chunji holding my shirt up ^^ kekekeke~
dba's B1A4 shirt!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

An awesome New Years ^^

we had the most exciting new year's eve party ever!

well first off it was me, dba, has, anne and syira (last minute decided to join us). we met at sushi king sunway pyramid for a super late lunch (4pm) with tira before she had to go off to work. this event was under her company btw. not sure abt the other performers but Rania was here. i guess that's the only reason we went, but then we weren't really looking forward to see them (not really a fan). our main concern was the MBC gayo daejun live streaming that night and the autographed t-shirt contest. we heard that aside from winning entries that get the tshirts, there will also be videos that are featured on the live show.

we were joined later by atiq and lyn. they had tickets with us too.

so we went around pyramid looking for a nice picture or video to shoot for the contest. took one on a sled in the middle of pyramid's christmas display hahaha. that was funny. we wanted to look excited and enjoying the show, and couldnt help fangirling in the middle of the display and ppl actually came and looked 0.0

and then we went to line up for the countdown party. saw chun how and lizzy there. we watched the opening dance number, which was great, and then a band performance. by then it was getting pretty late, and we were anxious to go watch the MBC show, so we left.

right outside of lagoon, there was a pretty white christmas tree lit up with all the works. we sat there and took diba's b1a4 support video.

then we headed off to starbucks for wifi and also to stream the show. it was really frustrating cos the line was super slow, and we were watching only glimpses of the laggy stream.

i managed to get all the entries sent to the contest.

we also spazzed for teentop and shinee special stage oppa oppa there.

and during the break, we decided to move on to a closeby cyber cafe, cos we cant stand the poor streaming. oh and btw homg SHINee won popular artist XDDDD hahahaha for a group dat hasnt been promoting in Korea for the past year, that is some crazy shawols at work XD awesome work guys! proud to be a shawol!

outside pyramid is crazy. ppl were buying spray cans and spraying ppl on the street. it was so scary, i was practically running. and then we reached the CC and opened on computer to watch the show. but for some horrible unknown reason, the computer tends to restart by its self every once in a while. for safety measure, we took one more computer beside us, so we streamed on both computers.

and then when they played the video entries on the live streaming, i prepared my cam in case we make it on the show. and OMG we DID!
this is the crazy video of us spazzing abt it.

hahah our screams practically vibrated in the cc. yep, the cc ppl looked at us like we were retarded.

and then during the 12 oclock mark, we started cheering happy new year! with hugs and claps. yep, the cc ppl looked at us like confirmed we were retarded XD

hahaha then shinee HOMG super cool stage. T.T I love SHINee soooo much. and taemin baby played the guitar!! soo hawttt!!!

when they finished, it looked like it hasnt ended but they changed the screen, and we were disappointed. turns out it wasnt over and there was a 'SHINee is back' teaser at the end of their perf!!! (we only know this later around 5am when fancams leaked)

it was an awesome fun new year's party, although we didnt exactly have a 'party' hahaha. we hang out together with friends, watching things we loved, and also the super cool extra of being on air. combine that with the beautiful gift of SHinee's back, i give you the perfect new years XD

i just know 2012 is going to be great! Welcome the new years EVERYBODY!!

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