Sunday, July 29, 2012

101 Things to Know About Her (part 1)

1. her name is sauda
2. sauda is arabic actually, but i googled it means dark beauty
3. she was named by my dad, cos we named the white one Milky Jr.
4. she is one day older than milky
5. she's technically not related to milky but they grew up together
6. when she was young, she didn't have a voice
7. she grew up learning fast, alot faster than milky
8. she was healthy as a kitten, ate well, grew well
9. she learned to climb/jump early, and pushed higher heights everyday
10.she developed a love for this little ball on a rope. she goes crazy when she hears it (the sound it makes when it falls)
11.she never really liked other toys, but she did enjoy destroying paper/boxes/tissue
12.i used to teach her to talk, encouraging her to mew/beg for her food
13.we knew she actually does have voice when she was bathed and started screaming....healthily
14.she was a few months old before she really started vocalizing, then she started getting loud
15.she really started mewing was when milky started disappearing. guess she thought she owned the house now
16.she had habitual sleeping spots, that she picks and sleeps there often
17.sleep spot#1 when she was young, she'd go behind the curve of the sofa, where you cant find her
18.sleep spot#2 she used to sleep under raiza's bed, so you cant find her
19.sleep spot#3 she learned to jump ontop of the tall cupboard and sleep there, where you cant find her
20.sleep spot#4 she quietly sneaks next to the microwave (on the countertop) and sleeps there, camouflage so you cant find her
21.sleep spot#5 she's climb on top of the dish tray box. unfortunately in full view of the world, so you can see her
22. when they were younger, we used to put them in a huge cage out back
23. sauda whines cos its cold out, and milky gets sick often, so i'd let them back in the house anyways
24. sauda is an extremely picky eater, she doesnt like many types of food
25. she likes to eat when others are eating, and what others are eating, so you cant eat near her, she might just leave her catfood and go for yours
26. she often raids the trash at night
27. had a few bathroom incidences in the house. i always forgive her
28. if you dont let her out, she might use the kitchen sink as her bathroom
29. she used to like a cat treat 'Greenies'. good for cat dental health
30. i made her grab for it. taught her to stand on her hind legs
31. she used this idea to climb people (especially my dad) when begging for food from the dining table
32. she's go on the countertop to 'assess' what we were having for dinner on the dining table
33. can stretch out to the chair, like a bridge, but cannot get back to safety
34. often climbs behind people's chair when we are having a meal
35. she sleeps on the dining table often
36. she doesnt like being cold, hence a night in airconditioning is not nice for her
37. she used to climb behind my curtains and hide there
38. she onced raided my bottom drawer and slept there for hours. taught milky to do it too. =.="
39. she uses the aquarium to jump over to the top of the cupboard.
40. she previously used to 'kacau' the fish in the aquarium. i get scared she might fall in an drown
41. she uses the aquarium on her way down the cupboard. more than once, the aquarium light looks like it might break and fall off
42. she once jumped off the cupboard, on to my chest as i was sleeping on the couch. sudden fright
43. she caused very little scratches/injury to me while she's growing. technically a very good mannered cat
44. she did scratch a yarn out of zaty's jeans, one of which zaty would never forgive
45. sauda's dark fur is soft only because she takes care of herself very diligently. otherwise she was not born with great fur
46. she looked pretty as she grew up. she's a tall cat, slender legs
47. males cats liked to follow her around, because she's the hot thang on our street
48. she's afraid of other cats. often runs back in the house when confronted
49. black and white cat 'Ricky' used to chase her. she's wet herself in her fright.
50. white male and orange male are interested in her, follows her home. she goes inside when she's frightened but knows i will chase away all the bad guys.

p/s: i'll continue the next half tomorrow, since my mum is wondering why I havent gone to bed yet. So good night.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

the eve of my 26th birthday

oh yay, another year has passed and my birthday is here again. ritttteeee.... hahaha how i wish time can drag on longer and i never have to grow older. but time moves on still, and we wont gain experience and knowledge is no time passes right?

So, what did i do today? on the eve of my 26th?
I had a bad start, got stuck in jam when I'm supposed to see my lecturer really early in the morn. Then my chest pains start working up again. Decided to go to see a doctor about it. She worries its due to stress. I reassure her I am not stressed, although I am lying, but hey, why feed the unnecessary? Everyone close to me tells me to beware of my stress levels, but I really think I can handle it if I just keep things in perspective, you know? So the doctor asked a bunch of questions, which I tried to answer as truthfully and detailed as I can. And then she ordered an ECG. My heart is in great condition, it seems. I have a feeling the pain may be external, some muscle that I don't know that I have pulled. It hurts worse when I move right? I don't know.

Since the doc asked me to go home and rest and de-stress (she keeps insisting), so I went home and took a long nap. A loooooonnnnngggg nap! Turns out I didn't wake til 2pm! Good thing I had breakfast, but I was still famished. Cooked myself my favorite chili and soy sauce curry maggi XDD and napped some more. Then I watched alot of TV and mindlessly surfed the internet.

Around 6pm, I snapped out of it and started cleaning the house. Did the laundry and dishes. Then started cleaning away all my clothes. My room was getting all messy again. At least, in the hour that I was cleaning, I got some part of my room settled out. Then off to studio as per usual.

I recorded my this week's dance class bit, and taught Adek our current project. Didn't work out much today, I'm feeling kind of tired and heavy. I think menses are definitely coming soon. Sigh, I'd rather not worry about it this weekend with the show and all, but every month we ladies must deal with this disaster bringer right?

So, I was supposed to come home and quickly edit and upload the video, while using my other lappie to burn a DVD for my movie day tomorrow. I remembered to burn, but did not remember to start on the editing part. and OMG its 1am already!! Hahahahah, looks like I'm late again~

So, doing that now, simultaneously as I type this blog entry. I've got my day tomorrow sort of planned out. I want to watch Kai's favorite movie Billy Elliot. And Anne's coming over to watch with me. Planning to have some pizza over too, and of course (thanking Abang's birthday present that i just got), pigging out with a lot of chocolates XDD I hope we get to do our family dinner too, and I'm really missing Chili's T.T since I'm the only one in the family who even bothers to want to eat there~

haaaaa....also since I'm only going to sleep after I finish uploading, i wanna start reading arbitrage. Only because all my other Kaisoo shipper friends seems to have read it. I love Kaisoo btw. Jongin and Kyungsoo can live together happily if I can have my wish come true =))) I know I dont normally read FFs since I dont like my opinions of my idols affected by other people's stories/perception of them. But Kaisoo will make this exception. At least of course for tonight. =) the eve of my birthday. Hehehehehh~

Monday, July 9, 2012

sunday, another end of a week

its the end of another day, sunday, and that marks the end of this week.

so much happened this week, and yet, i feel like not enough has been done.

we're not done learning/polishing our individuals dances, but most of us are done with learning part of that and also the mini-project. But everything seems so far from recording, it bothers me. Well at least our Hello Venus/Apink short cover is done and uploaded, so we dont have to bring that along with us any longer.

wondering if i will actually finish my new outfit by my birthday. and also, its been two weeks and no progress on the whole bedroom make over just yet. I really should get a move on if I want this to happen.

The interview is creeping up, I need to get ready and prepare for that too.

Also, had our first of four, free korean lessons. I dont really need it, but its a fun thing to do with the group, and it is sponsored anyways. I would love to continue these lessons though. I want my 3 semesters taking korean language at uni to actually mean something, and get me somewhere hopefully in the future. Time to take out those old books and get back to studying ^^

Oh and btw, my kitties are having problems. They are around 6 months old now. Sauda seems to hate Milky so much. I didnt realize it til tonight, the reason why Milky doesnt stay around the house much is because Sauda kicks him out =.= I hope they get along well someday though. It annoys me that Sauda makes this house feel not like home for Milky. poor Milky T.T

Oh another episode of MOBBED is playing on TV. Gonna sew and watch it, bbye!! XD

Friday, July 6, 2012

Today went out shopping with Anne ^^

I sent Diba to work early today and then went straight to Anne's SA house. Got directions from her the day before, who knew she lived so near I-City? Lol at least I know I wont get lost now~ hahaha.

Arghhh, after the tiring night the day before, and waking early to send Diba, and the long jam, I fell asleep while waiting for Anne to get ready. My body feels the pain of sudden training. Hmmm....need to get more in shape!

We visited Setia Mall to see the pretty letter wooden design thing-a-majiga~ Lol. I have no idea what they are called other than the fact that they are there for decoration purposes. Then we went to Ikea to look for some stuff. My main purpose is to find boxes for our Teentop To You project. But I couldnt find any below RM20, so I think I need to look elsewhere. But i did find awesome mirrors that I would want for my room decor, and also shelves and extension wire and pretty lamps. OMG I cannot go into Ikea without wanting to bring home the entire store with me!

We did buy a pretty light piece thats supposed to decorate the room. I'll hang it up and take a pic once my room project is done.....which wont be for another month maybe, if I keep delaying painting it!!

Did our recording for girl dances today too. Lolyta came back from Indonesia~ I miss having her around. She keeps the group more calm ^^ It's gonna be tough without her. Sigh.

Oh well, I should get the videos done and up soon. By tonight! While I'm waiting for it to render and stuff, I might as well get some emails and works out of the way. Also watched Nuest's new teaser. Ren looks more like a girl, if thats possible! hahahaha.

I also watched Suju's comeback performances at MCountdown. I like their 'From U' perf. The dance is so cute and mesmerizing~ I'm tempted to learn it hahaha, but I think it's too hard to teach in class. Maybe their title track sexy, free and single would be a better selection? What do the students think, I wonder...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ahhhh wassap everybody?

Oh look at the time, its past midnight again, and so it's already Thursday 5th July on the dashboard. Its been a semi-productive day again hahaha.

I overslept and woke at 12. freaked me out cos I slept alot earlier, so that means overall overslept. I hate oversleeping! it makes me sluggish the rest of the day, not to mention wasted all that extra time that I shouldve been awake! What about you? Dont you just hate it?

Today, I just sewed mostly. Still tired, and so I napped a bit. Didn't get as much done today as I hoped.
I feel alot of my day was wasted in front of the TV, not even realizing how much time has passed me by. I should really get to work on my interview prep. That is something I cant put off, since my dad is really hoping for me to ace it. Geez, time really does fly by when you dont keep track. I must start wearing a watch all day!

Went to studio at around 7pm with Diba today. Adek and Zaty joined us. We just ran through all our audition vids. Its alot of hard work this. Not usually our style, but I think it will make us better dancers overall. To step outside of our comfort zone. Not really for me, but I don't know how much further I can step out before I fall flat on my face. Worries me too. As I step closer and closer to my body limits, I cant help worrying that it might break me. But for now, I'll leave it til the day comes. I guess that's kinda bad planning (not even a plan!), but really can't think of how I can prepare any better for this.

Take away MILO AIS is heaven!!! and we just dinner at home, cooked some burgers. We're using the dinner money my dad gave earlier for tomorrow's breakfast. MCD DRIVE THRU BREAKFAST IS DA BOMB!!! hahahahah I should really get healthier, but I keep putting it off, since these junk/fast food tastes so goddem nice T.T

So thats my day. and its ending early tonight since I have to send Diba to work tomorrow, and also date with Anne~ ^^ oh and by the way, I wanted my blog to be more about my emotions and my diary to be more about what I've been doing. Hahahaha it does seem the role is reversed no? But i can type faster than I write, so I don't want to end up writing alot. ^^ Oh well. Bbyes~ 

p/s: sorry i forgot to write about what i'm doing at the present. Managed to record the short routine i did for dance class yesterday. I'm editing it now, and will upload it shortly while i bath, and then hit the sack for me ^^

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a productive tuesday

Annyeong ^^

Just a little past midnight, its already Wednesday, 4th July. Oh wow, its Independence Day in the US.

Anyways, a semi-productive day today. I taught Sistar - Loving U for dance class. and also run through the dance clips that we're doing for the auditions. It not easy work, all these different choreo. Kinda worries me, but I do want to get it done.

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll record both dance choreo for the 2 dance classes, and also take pics of my first done 'blouse' project'. Can't wait for my dress project to be done too, so I can start on the whole painting room thing.

I was wondering if I should put off painting the room til I've put up all the drilled in shelves that I want in my room. Showed Anne my 'ideas'. hahahhaa does seem pretty ambitious ^^ But couldnt hurt to get at least the feature 'mural' wall done~ heheheh~ Might cost me several hundred to get done, but it would be worth it to love my room hehehe~

Ohhhh and I've also thought about what to do with all that excess fabric that I have left over from previous projects. I think I might make them all into quilt blocks ^^ that way I can make a colorful multi-fabric quilt for my room~ wheeeeee!!

Okay, I better get off now. I want to start sewing before heading to bed. Many plans of what to achieve tomorrow!

Monday, July 2, 2012


It's been months since my last post. I kept posts regarding my latest trip to Korea (April 2012) as private due to some not-so-ethical things that we did along the trip. Hahaha nothing against the law, but it is frowned upon in the Kpop world.

So, now my university life is over. Alot of drama that. Somethings are still hanging in the way, but I think with good faith, its possible to overcome any hurdles that come my way.

I finished a book recently. Titled 'A Prisoner of Birth' by Jeffrey Archer. One of the many books that I bought during the last big bad wolf sale. Its a great book! Not really my type of story, but after reading the first chapter, I was already hooked. There were many levels to the story too, so kept me entertained the whole time. It was hard putting it down, even though I stupidly bought the hard cover version, which weighs a ton (or so it seems) and makes it hard to read while lying down. Reading it, I felt inspired. More so because of Sir Nicholas's life, rather than Danny. I'm no genius and definitely no radical, hahahah so I'll be the mellow, stick-to-the-rules kind of person, okay?

I've cleared out my phone and camera, and updated 'Milky and Sauda's Photoalbum' on my facebook. It feels nice to have something to update about. I can look back later to see how much they've grown and all the silly things they've done. =) My milks and soda~~ ^^

My last exam paper was on the 22nd of June. It's only been a little over a week since then, but I've done alot of catching up on my sewing projects. Since I have alot of fabric lying around, rather than buy more, I figured, I'll go through what I have first and try to finish things that I've started long ago. I did 2 pink, and 1 blue cushion covers for the smaller pillows, and a full 4 set of the gold colored cushion covers for the medium sized pillows. And got the table cloth for our Sabah house done. Well, that's out of the way. I also finished my first blouse. It's a replica of Raiza's pink blouse, and mine, I used green instead. It's pretty simple, and rather fragile, but I think overall still better than most of my previous works. With any luck, I think this one can last quite some time. I've also started on my floral print dress that I wanted to do long ago. It's such pretty fabric, I have high hopes it will turn out well.

I hope to finish this dress come my birthday, so I have a new outfit ^^ Also I plan to repaint my whole room blue and white. It'll feel a lot cooler and friendlier to live in. Hopefully can sew matching bed decor and curtains to go with it~~ I will need alot of money for this, but hey, I'm going to start working, so I wont be too broke I hope.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thanks for 3000 subscriptions!!! Request a cover from EPSILON

1. 25votes : Infinite/BTD
2. 16votes : Teentop/Crazy
3. 10votes : APink/My My
4. 6votes : EXO/Time control
5. 5votes : Infinite/Paradise
6. 4votes : EunHae/oppa oppa
6. 4votes : B1A4/Beautiful Target
6. 4votes : UKISS/Tick Tack
9. 3votes : Boyfriend/Boyfriend
9. 3votes : Boyfriend/Don't touch my girl
11. 2votes: MyName/Message
11. 2votes: T-ara/Roly Poly
11. 2votes: SHINee/Love like oxygen
11. 2votes: T-ara/cry cry
11. 2votes: Boyfriend/I'll be there
11. 2votes: UKISS/Neverland
11. 2votes: MBlaq/Mona Lisa
11. 2votes: Boyfriend/You&I
19. 1vote: DBSK/Purple Line
19. 1vote: B2ST/I like you best
19. 1vote: Rainbow/to me
19. 1vote: 4Minute/I My Me Mine
19. 1vote: Super Junior/A cha
19. 1vote: EunHae/I wanna love you
19. 1vote: Young Boy/Taken
19. 1vote: F(x)/Hot summer
19. 1vote: B2ST/Breathe
19. 1vote: SHINee/To your heart
19. 1vote: Taeyang/where you at
19. 1vote: DBSK/Keep your head down
19. 1vote: Infinite/Be mine
19. 1vote: T-ara/Lovey dovey
19. 1vote: Chocolat/Syndrome
19. 1vote: Secret/Shy boy
19. 1vote: Teentop/Teentop
19. 1vote: DNT/Knock knock
19. 1vote: Mblaq/It's war
19. 1vote: Secret/Love is move
19. 1vote: SHINee/Senorita

This is the compiled list as of 15/01/12. 3 more days to request! (p/s: to those who wrote more than one song, we only take into account the first song. songs that we have already done are excluded.)

to request, write a comment at the youtube video above!!

deadline: 18/01/12

updating the recent

okay, been super duper duper busy again.
i was super duper busy before
but now im super duper duper busy.
reason is:
1) doing my final year project work
2) took a part-time job (10am-7pm 6days a week)
3) handled auditions for EPSILON
4) final exams for my semester 1

it was a hectic hectic 2 weeks T.T

but here's the good news!
today, i finished all my exam papers d~ YAY!!!!
this week, did 2 round of auditions for EPSILON d~ YAY!!!!
this week, survived my first week of part-time job as promoter ~ YAY!!!!
finished IC50 part of my FYP, left inverted ~ YAY!!!!

not only that we got the surprise of our lives!
remember the super duper new years?
well, i sent in our teentop spazzing video also, just to see my luck.
And as icing on the cake, even though they said the shirt distribution is by random selection, they gave B1A4 shirt to dba and TEENTOP shirt to me XDDD
isnt that super nice??
hahaha we spazzed dem loud that night (got in trouble with my mum T.T)
anyways, here's the pictures. i'll upload the vids later i think. no time now, i'm super busy dealing with other stuff too haha!!

hahaha i look like crap. anyways, this is me holding the shirt out. from up left and clockwise: cap, ljoe, chunji, niel changjo and ricky. (why ricky one so faded? T.T finished ink? hahaha)
can see ljoe/chunji holding my shirt up ^^ kekekeke~
dba's B1A4 shirt!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

An awesome New Years ^^

we had the most exciting new year's eve party ever!

well first off it was me, dba, has, anne and syira (last minute decided to join us). we met at sushi king sunway pyramid for a super late lunch (4pm) with tira before she had to go off to work. this event was under her company btw. not sure abt the other performers but Rania was here. i guess that's the only reason we went, but then we weren't really looking forward to see them (not really a fan). our main concern was the MBC gayo daejun live streaming that night and the autographed t-shirt contest. we heard that aside from winning entries that get the tshirts, there will also be videos that are featured on the live show.

we were joined later by atiq and lyn. they had tickets with us too.

so we went around pyramid looking for a nice picture or video to shoot for the contest. took one on a sled in the middle of pyramid's christmas display hahaha. that was funny. we wanted to look excited and enjoying the show, and couldnt help fangirling in the middle of the display and ppl actually came and looked 0.0

and then we went to line up for the countdown party. saw chun how and lizzy there. we watched the opening dance number, which was great, and then a band performance. by then it was getting pretty late, and we were anxious to go watch the MBC show, so we left.

right outside of lagoon, there was a pretty white christmas tree lit up with all the works. we sat there and took diba's b1a4 support video.

then we headed off to starbucks for wifi and also to stream the show. it was really frustrating cos the line was super slow, and we were watching only glimpses of the laggy stream.

i managed to get all the entries sent to the contest.

we also spazzed for teentop and shinee special stage oppa oppa there.

and during the break, we decided to move on to a closeby cyber cafe, cos we cant stand the poor streaming. oh and btw homg SHINee won popular artist XDDDD hahahaha for a group dat hasnt been promoting in Korea for the past year, that is some crazy shawols at work XD awesome work guys! proud to be a shawol!

outside pyramid is crazy. ppl were buying spray cans and spraying ppl on the street. it was so scary, i was practically running. and then we reached the CC and opened on computer to watch the show. but for some horrible unknown reason, the computer tends to restart by its self every once in a while. for safety measure, we took one more computer beside us, so we streamed on both computers.

and then when they played the video entries on the live streaming, i prepared my cam in case we make it on the show. and OMG we DID!
this is the crazy video of us spazzing abt it.

hahah our screams practically vibrated in the cc. yep, the cc ppl looked at us like we were retarded.

and then during the 12 oclock mark, we started cheering happy new year! with hugs and claps. yep, the cc ppl looked at us like confirmed we were retarded XD

hahaha then shinee HOMG super cool stage. T.T I love SHINee soooo much. and taemin baby played the guitar!! soo hawttt!!!

when they finished, it looked like it hasnt ended but they changed the screen, and we were disappointed. turns out it wasnt over and there was a 'SHINee is back' teaser at the end of their perf!!! (we only know this later around 5am when fancams leaked)

it was an awesome fun new year's party, although we didnt exactly have a 'party' hahaha. we hang out together with friends, watching things we loved, and also the super cool extra of being on air. combine that with the beautiful gift of SHinee's back, i give you the perfect new years XD

i just know 2012 is going to be great! Welcome the new years EVERYBODY!!

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