Monday, November 21, 2011

Wearing my [breezy dress project] to class today

Last night i finished this project and i thought i'd wear it to class today.

Just a plain dress, striped on top, and blue on the bottom.
Paired it with a white jacket and a simple belt.

Another view

This is what it would look like without a jacket.

Another weekend project [breezy dress]

technically i am super behind on all my work, but i decided to put in some time this weekend to finish this little side project.

some time ago, my friend wore this simple dress that caught my eye. not so much the style, but more cos i felt like i could recreate it ^^ so i kept it in mind til when i want to sew a dress project.

the base, i used an old singlet that i have (or maybe 4). i made the shirt pocket out of the excess fabric, and sewed on the skirt. added a dress pocket too. this is just a recreation of my friend's dress so technically there is no idea put in here. XD

This is what it looks like when it's done.

I'm gonna wear it to class tomorrow, so i'll update a pic of me wearing it ^^ can't wait!

21/11/2011: I wear it to class, see here!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Juggling my work n 'other' life

My life is separated into two. My real life in which i work/study and do my final year project and go for exams and be a good student, the straight forward, scientific thinking, worker that has no life. And my 'other' life in which i am the real me, the dancing, artistic me that loves life and breathes passion.

I am two different people, put into one. And sometimes both lives get caught up, and i cant handle it. There's just too much to do with very little time. 24 hours is just not enough.

Friday, November 18, 2011

[Announcement] Hiatus til December

Okay, i have to put everything on hold (again!) til the end of november. have too many things planned i cant even name them all in my calendar =.= trying to work through everything as best i could. ^^ hope all goes well!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Project: Decoration boxes

Status: 60% done

I had this idea when I visited Seoul tower in South Korea. There was a pretty gift shop at the base of the tower and they decorated it with many boxes with letters. Given that boxes cost more then they should =.= I decided to make my boxes from scratch.

I bought this cheap plain white cardboard at a local stationary store. Just need pencil, scissors, some double tape or glue.

My layout for the box is another box i already had, and opened up to get the layout. I just traced it.

Then cut out the shape.

and i build it into boxes like these

well I've already done 6 box and wrapped them up with colored paper. I just finished another 2 boxes to complete the 8 set. I'm still wondering about the color theme though, but i'll figure it out some time. I may be using it as decor for an upcoming party ^^

Project: Diet Scrap book

Status: 18% done

This I've been thinking about doing since a long time ago. When I'm dieting, I cant think about anything else, and I research so much into it I wonder where I can pour out all this information. But I also dont want to lose all this useful info over the years, so I came to a conclusion.... make a scrap book about Diet! ^^

Well i'm using this old pretty book that I got from seventeen magazine japan back in 2008. it was too pretty to use but really i had no use of it except taking space =.=
So gonna convert this into my diet scrap book.

I've printed pics and tidbit infos, and cut it up to insert into my scrap book.

This info has to be sorted through and stuck into the scrap book.

Page 1 is DONE!!! hahaha kicked off to a great start yeah~
The other pages will continue next.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Project: Crochet scarf

Status: 100% done

when I learned how to crochet, i figured the easiest project to start with is a scarf. well, cos its flat and straight haha. my friend is going to korea this winter, so i figured i'll make the scarf for her.

The yarn i'm using is green and blue. A crochet hook and normal scissors.

I use double crochet for this scarf, 2 lines for each color and interchange. It looks like this.

I made it slightly longer than 1 meter long, and around 15cm wide. I'm currently trying to figure out what to do about the endings/trimmings.

[111207] decided i would elongate it to 2meters without any endings/trimmings. did it yesterday and it's finished finally!!

This is what it looks like on the floor...

And i should find time to take a pic wearing it ^^

Project: Small plushy dolls

Status: 100% done

I had an idea to make plushie toys. My first instinct is to make Taemin plushie hahaha! Second instinct is to make a Luffy plushy gehehe. I know, i'm weird. Anywayssss i figured i better start small. Try to achieve easy 2D uncomplicated plushies first, and work my way up from there. if it is possible to make good quality small plushies, then i might upgrade to full scale plushies next year haha. Be prepared to receive plushies from me as gifts hehehe XD

Anyways, i bought green felt. My sister wants frogs haha. So i experimented on a super easy shape first. A ginger bread man. I know its weird to see it green (try to imagine it brown yeah?)
It was not really well done. as i said, i was just experimenting.

Second, i experimented with a basic frog figure. Again i was sketching roughly only, so the plushy didnt come out very well done. But safe to say it can be achieved.

I made a proper block for the frog plushy figure already. Using cardboard, i drew out the figure and cut it out.

[111210] wheeeee so i finally took the time to get a move on this project. made a better cut on the fabric. its still super annoying to sew on with sewing machine, i think cos im not using felt fabric (sigh).

i also made super cute finishings with some white and black felt i bought from daiso, to make the eyes and mouth. i was excited with how cute it was i even made a bow tie for it ^^

how does it look? (lying down view)

i know i know, dashing right?

[111211] continued with this project. planning on making a whole family of frogs, but havent gone around to it. now, stuck on this cute pillow version of plushie ^^ hahaha i think it's adorable!

Project: Alter Blundd Shirt

Current State: COMPLETE

Hi, meet Blundd ^^

Blundd in Anne's bear. She brings him every where and takes pictures of his activities. This project is to make a shirt for Blundd. It's not from scratch though, the material is altered from a dog costume.

And ta daaaaa~~ this is how it looks like when he wears it ^^

He must be really happy to wear it cos he is practically dancing~ XD

This is just a small side project to help my friend, but it seems fun to make clothes for our teddies. I might make another in the future for other bears in the house ^^

[List] Year End 2011 Projects

As many of my acquaintances must know, I am someone who is unable to sit still and do nothing at any point of time. Its not like I am tireless, merely I have a love of doing and finishing things. Its a great high to finish a project, but I guess this trait is not shared by all. That is why I am known to always have a project in mind. For the end of this year, I feel it is about time I finish some projects that I started some time this year. Well, I feel if you put a deadline on things, you are more likely bound to finish them ^^ I will list down my projects that I want to finish by the end of the year [and link each to their respective progress pages] and keep updating this page with my overall progress. Not long til year ends! Wish me luck ^^

1) Project: Decoration boxes
Percent complete: 60%

2) Project: Photobook
Percent complete: 3%

3) Project: Diet Scrap book
Percent complete: 18%

4) Project: Crochet scarf

5) Project: Small plushy dolls

6) Project: Secret [77Q]
Percent complete: 10%

7) Project: Chiffon dress
Percent complete: 3%

8) Project: Beanie hat
Percent complete: 3%

9) Project: Alter Blundd shirt

10) Project: Crochet flowers

Update 14/11: Okay the percentage done doesnt look too good right now. Roughly 7 weeks til year ends. I might as well finish some projects that are nearly done ^^

Update 10/12: Finished the scarf, plushie doll and crochet flowers today! Total of 4 down haha. Still working on other projects today, might add to the list tomorrow~ We'll see!

Update 11/12: I was supposed to get working on the beanie hat today, but i got stuck on other things. i finished my skirt. it doesnt look very nice. i'm still color blind as ever. i need to try a few before i get a nice color palette i think hahahaha. anyways, i also did another version on the flower, and plushy pillow version.

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