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[FA] TT(niel) stalking in Malaysia (110923-110924) pt3

i decided i wanted to have a go at calling to niel. my LAST CHANCE! my friend said 'niel saranghamnida' and he smiled and waved. and she said 'come to malaysia again' (in korean) and he smiled and nodded. but my baby niel why wont u look at meeeee???

okay, basically my voice was mostly lost at the stadium, so i had this weird throaty sexy voice that i dont recognize, and calling out niel-ahhhhh saranghaeyooooo kajimaaaaa~~~ okay i was repeating this for awhile, i knew he can hear me, but he didnt turn around =((((( at one point even chunji turned to question him. cant tell what he replied though cos he refused to look back.
so sad, boo niel booooo!! *cries in the corner*

when we reached the escalator, the security moved in and formed 3 layers. so the boys went in safely. they turned and waved goodbye. niel waved at several cameras but still didnt look my way.
OMG whats wrong bb???
and off they went down the escalator. i ran around to the left just in time to see them reach downstairs and they were waving up towards the fans.

**get ready for favorite part**

i didnt bother calling out niel by this time, only left small little light of hope in my heart, and i looked down, immediately finding him below, and my heart practically jumped with me, because he suddenly miraculously looked up straight at me. a great big smile played on his face, he was practically laughing, and he continued to look at me as he waved goodbye. you wouldnt believe wat his eyes can do to you when he looks straight at you, and u can see him smiling and staring and omg i was not breathing!!! and he didnt break that gaze all the way til he walk out of sight! (okay, it was like for 5 steps only, but still!!! omg he continued looking at me for 5 whole steps! thats like achievement of the year BABY~!) omg i was totally speechless, glued to the floor and fireworks bursting inside my brain ahahaha, it was the best few seconds of my life!!! XD

after that we had to move to the other side, to see them at the passport inspection. we called to all the members, and as usual the two most reliable to wave back Ljoe and Ricky. changjo was surprisingly responsive at this point.

me and my sis decided to do fanchant. i dunno. for fun.
niel jjang chunji jjang changjo jjang ricky jjang ljoe jjang leader cap teentop jjang!!
our voices echoed on the marble walls, it sounded awesome! and can totally tell changjo was obviously listening, he held up a thumbs up.
and we continued 'eonjena teentopman saranghae yongwonhi kkeutgaji hamkkehae' and OMG changjo started dancing to the beat!! hahaha i started squealing and we never really finished that fanchant hahahaha. mianhae~

some fans asked changjo to dance, and to do aegyo. he didnt though, but he did raise up his hand.
some fans called out to niel, saying 'the present! we gave you that present!' he was totally clueless, looking bewildered almost. it wasnt until my sis intervened 'sonmul iyo! sonmul!!' and pointed at the thing he was carrying. he glanced our way and smiled as it dawned on him. he lifted and pointed at the packaged and smiled at them. hahaha i guess baby niel cant easily catch english words. he seemed so relieved to understand, it was hilarious.

chunji ricky and ljoe were further in another lane, i wasnt paying attention to them when they entered, cos i was watching niel changjo and cap.
can hear the screams and we knew FTI fans have arrived, FTI was heading down the escalator. and OMG some of the fans on my side LEFT!!! okay, i wont be judgemental here, but OMG LA TEENTOP IS STILL HERE, THEY CAN SEE YOU LEAVE OKAY?!! *grumbles*

i stayed of cos. i saw a girl holding her camera, not budging from her spot. taking a fancam i guess. i stood closer to her to catch another glimpse of niel. all the while still calling out 'teentop-ahhh~~~ im still here for you~~~ we love you!!!'
before cap wanted to go in, the 3 boys wanted to give a last wave, and cap went in first. by then FTI boys have reached and changjo and niel immediately did 90degree bow. awwww our boys so respectful to sunbaes ^^

after niel and changjo went in, i raced to the bridge area (basically the glass walled area to wave goodbye to the international departure hall below).
i positioned myself nicely, with teentop placard in front and waited for them to pass.
some of the members waved, i wasnt paying attention to who it was cos i needed niel to wave to me. he waved to ppl on my left =.= and walked nearly out of view, so i ran to the right wall to see him again.
okay this was very brief, but when he looked up, i swear i saw recognition on his face. more of a 'ahhhh u again, noona are u following me?' look, hahahaha. aigooo niel baby dont hate me its not easy following u u know??

hahaha he did give a last wave XD thanks darling~ and off they went to the other side. they were rushing faster this time, i guess cos they were pretty late. can see some fans down there following them. annoyed. those-crazy-money-loaded-fan-who-can-afford-plane-tickets =.= haha they better not scare off my teentop babies~

anyways i hope this fanaccount never reaches niel. if he never did connect the dots, i hope he never will and just remember me as the dancing fangirl from epsilon, not the crazy fangirl with the huge placard and especially not the crazy fangirl who follows him everywhere he goes XD

since you are obviously reading for niel, haha ill just describe him. well he is tall, taller than me yay! ^^ and he looks great real life, well exactly like what you see on tv, minus the make up. unlike make-up-niel who grabs attention with his luscious smackers, airport-non-make-up-niel its so easy to be mesmerized by his eyes. ^^ he doesnt do anything to create attention to himself, while amidst crazy stalking fans, but he is quick to receive gifts. i wish i knew that earlier i would give him the cd sighhh.

niel is also easily alarmed by crazy fans, unlike some of the other members, he moves closer to the members (for protection?) haha and its not like he deliberately asks cap for help, more like cap feels inclined to protect niel XD i am suddenly shipping this couple wth? but definitely can see his eyes darting anxiously around him whenever the idol circle is pushed smaller. (seriously ljoe and chunji are able to walk so bravely forward =.=)

well, i guess thats all, thanks for reading!!

gosh i miss niel~

[FA] TT(niel) stalking in Malaysia (110923-110924) pt2

110924 (day of the concert)


reached the stadium late, planned to stalk the boys first but the hotel management didnt allow us. then got lost along the way to the stadium hahaha. by the time we reached the stadium was packed with tons of people and omg the parking in front of the stadium is full T.T i parked further uphill, the car park attendant was taking in rm10 per car, the dem leechers =.=

walked over to the front of the stadium, it was pretty lively there. said hi to friends and KTO booth, then went over inside to find our seat. going in the stadium, we pass the back stage and circle around it (there are barricades surrounding it) to get to the seats. basically back stage is like a row of white tents with names stuck to the front door. so excited when we see the tent most to the left is TT's. haha feel compelled to yell something atm, but that would be dumb XD mentally keep note of their tent.

we were numbered seating in the back section, Block D (to the right), and 3rd row from the front.

the two rows in front of us were VIPs (i mean BigBang fans) and the row behind us were VIPs too. when it looked like the concert was about to start, i asked the people in front of me nicely not to swing anything to block our view during TT perf, and also to bear with our fangirling. they looked confused but otherwise nice about it, i guess they didnt grasp yet how much of a fan we are XD

When it came time for Teentop's performance, we reallyyyyy let it out XD hahaha the girls in front of us were caught by surprise actually leaned forward and closed their ears immediately! haha so now they know how much of a fan we really are. seriously couldnt help ourselves, start screaming and bouncing, and jumping wildly, with our huge placards in the air. it didnt matter that around us was VIPs, we were having the time of our lives XD i checked with the people behind us, but they were fine with our antics, just smiled and told us to carry on (THANKS SO MUCH WE LOVE YOU), so we continued on hahaha

apparently, all the way behind us all of block D can see what we were doing hahaha, (as one person kindly told me after the concert), and some lady with her children was annoyed and complained and thats why the security came over, told us to sit down. yeah, we sat for like a milisecond, and the moment he was gone, we're back to bouncing like god knows what.

of course we never forget fanchants!! hahaha been practicing everyday in the car, lmao~ we screamed our lungs out. we didnt know how many songs they would get, and so we were prepared to see NMPOY, Supa Luv and Clap only, but then after NMPOY came Brushing instead, and we went wilddddd hahaha. i lovveeeeee this song!!! Niel always looks so awesome and his hair is tied ^^ i am forever the pony-tail-niel lover!!

after that was the introduction. CAP said malaysia was hot and so were the fans, hahaha. Ljoe said they would love to come malaysia again. i so do wish you would come again!! we love you! thanks to the MCs who asked the crowd if they wanted to see teentop again, because (i love you malaysian fans!) the crowds yelled a loud YES! teentop must feel so welcomed ^^

after that we started yelling supa luv! supa luv! supa luv!, but instead they did clap first. and omg they did the INTRO too!! hahaha we were rolling around in happiness by then lmaooo i love watching them here, especially baby ricky looks so good ^^ followed by clap, and i must admit, i dont favor the fanchant for clap, but at the end of first chorus 'teentop baksu!!' right between niel's 'clap' hahaha that was fun!

and then we started yelling again supa luv! supa luv! but they continued with Angel!!! omg so surprised i thought never in the world would i ever get to hear them perform this hahaha. most of the time niel sang and he faced generally in my direction. okay my placard is huge and bright, he must be blind not to see it right? every once in awhile he did look my way, but he never did anything....hmmm i wonder why. he did however wave here and there to other areas =.= and at one point in the song he actually walked off to the left and waved that way. hahahaha okay im not super proud of this moment, but we were like super high that time, and yelling unconsciously, so immediately escaped my lips "yah! niel ah!!! oedi e ka?!! wae geure??!!!" hahaha i dunno, i was annoyed he never waved my way =.= boo niel boo why you do this to me?

and my friend beside me was holding an official teentop balloon and ricky spotted it WoW. i mean my placard is like 5x the size of the balloon, obviously can be seen from stage, niel is not blind rite?? =.= hahaha


we as always chanted supa luv! supa luv! supa luv! and Ljoe(?) said 'as u said it, supa luv' XD or something to that extent, i wasnt really paying attention to the others, but basically the meaning is there ^^ they performed the remix version (the one during their last week promotions)

im pretty sure halfway thru TT perf, my voice was leaving me. but we never missed out on all the fanchants ^^ i love supa luv and NMPOY fanchants, and Brushing fanchants sound super loud cos the music is slow. hahaha i hope they heard it ^^

after TT perf is 4 minute, i sat down quietly cos have a headache from all the superior shouting. followed only a bit of the fanchants. they are so pretty, i was picking out which part of their wardrobe i wanna copy (yes my brain works in mysterious ways).

after that was UKISS perf. we were screaming fanchants again wootssss~
it was during the 2nd song i think when my friend from the rockzone msg me saying she saw teentop is packing to leave!!! i became disoriented, because we planned to watch the rest of the show first, or at least get to see GD TOP first before we leave to stalk airport, this was too early!!
when my friend msg that they were definitely packing, we got up and apologized to everyone there and left to the side near the back stage.
this was the tricky part, since we cant actually stay there without calling attention to the guards, but we really didnt wanna miss them leaving, so we were lying thru our teeth and dodging any potential threats. it totally didnt help that some fans saw us there and approached the area and started yelling when they saw FTI and UKISS going into their vans. ughhh the security came and started ordering ppl away again. i'm not gonna be shoo-ed off because of them, so we maintained distance until coast was clear again.

it took a pretty long time cos the front is the luggage truck where they load everyone's bags. it was blocking the other vans, but as soon as the luggage truck was out of the way, the vans could start moving out of the barricades.
saw TT get into their van quietly. they had the lights on inside the van so we can see inside. ricky sat at the back on the left window, or maybe it was changjo?? basically these 2 next to window on the left at the back. i know amongst them all, the most front was chunji (right) and niel (left). only the top media staff woman was sitting in front of them behind the driver, but before she got in the van, can see chunji pulled back his seat so he can lie back and sleep. they turned off the lights then.

the cars started moving, behind the luggage truck was a black van (i heard it was hongki?) and FTI van (why would they b in separate vans? but i cant confirm this cos i was not watching them load), and then 4minute van, followed by TT and UKISS. the truck circled around the area to the back left gate, but was stopped there, so all the vans lined up behind it. we ran to the portable toilets, and luckily, TT van stopped right in front of where we were standing. it was around 10m away? anyways it was pretty dark. me n my sis were jumping excitedly (how do u imagine this?^^) and held up our placards, but dunno if they can see. my sis turned on her phone flashlight and held it against her placard chanhee. since we only see the left side of the van, so can only see niel, ricky, changjo facing outside. i cant tell if they were looking at the concert or at us. my sis was hoping niel would inform chanhee of this bouncing fan outside, but apparently he didnt (haha yea, i dun think niel is the type), and so niel just continued to stare blindly ahead. im like bouncing so much my teeth were shattering, wth is this boy doing to me?? haha
my sis told me to flip my board, show teentop, and she pointed her flashlight at it, and immediately (to our relief and pleasure), the boys began waving at us. bouncing 2x faster now~
there werent many ppl there. actually i only see 3 other girls there and i dunno who they were there for since they carried no placards. so me n my sis were pretty darn obvious with our huge TT placards and unwavering love pouring towards the boys~ hahaha, i kinda hope they would remember us that way.
anyways we stayed til they left, and they waved til the very end (darling boys i love you!!) and then *zoooooooooooooooom* run off to car. yes, the car was like 400-500meters away, and not to mention UPHILL. crappp that was the hardest race i've ever been in!! my legs were burning, and my throat felt like daggers, but i pushed on til i reached the car, and we sped away. the ppl and security outside the concert venue were staring at us like we were crazy. yeah, but its not their life line was heading away towards the airport and out of our lives without a last goodbye.

we got lost around cheras area (AMAZING!! BAKSU BAKSU!!) and then finally found the highway and speed all the way. and to our utter disbelief THANK YOU LORD although there were tons of fans, and the vans were parked, no one has left their vans yet!!!

we went in search of TT van, and i saw the pretty top media staff from the front window. I found it!! and so excited i actually moved forward all the way to their door! haha the security popped out immediately from no where and told me to move back. lmao~ there were a few girls (not many) in front of the van, and they looked pissed that i was suddenly in front of them. they glared at me =.= mianhe. and so my sis stayed back behind them. then 4minute was brought by the idol circle (made by the guards. please refer to part 1 for explanation), and some fans followed but otherwise not many ppl knew of TT's van. some people i overheard thought TT hasnt arrived. and then FTI arrived and lo and behold the girls behind me squealed and left. i rolled my eyes and mentioned my sis over in front. the curtains dont close everything and can see ricky and changjo through the cracks, at the back seat. they waved at us. i wonder if they knew we are the same ppl from the stadium before haha. its the same placard. *staring at rickyyyyy......*
anyways, the front curtain was closed tight. i wonder if its cos chunji just woke up. its about half an hour to the stadium to the airport, i guess he had some sleep. i wanted a peek of niel, but its not possible so i waited.

after 4minute was TT's turn. the idol circle prepared in front of the van door, pushing us further aside. niel came out first, and he started coughing. i know i know niel has been sick for a long while d. its more of a 'im-getting-better-sort-of-but-never-truly-recover-since-i-dont-get-enough-rest' cough. not like he was getting worse. i think ppl who didnt know abt his cough from earlier thought he was only recently sick =.= alright, people listen up! malaysia didnt make niel baby sick okay~

he looked and waved to the niel placards or who ever called out to him, but he didnt look my way!!! i was like OH NO U DONT BB U CANT GO WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE!
so i ran circled around the idol circle and when in front i managed to get him to see me, he smiled and waved, and i managed a split second smile before i nearly ran into the door =.=
in the oval revolving doors, the top media staff's shoes got stuck and they stopped (which made me lag further behind cos my side was stuck), and by the time i reached the other side, there were alot of fans stationed on this side of the circle.
jump, duck, spin, run somemore, avoid flying hands and placards.....yes, it was a mad dash but i just couldnt overcome the wall of fans standing in my way.
end up i was behind the idol circle again. staring at minsoo's tattoo, and changjo's neck. ahhhh replay of the seen during the arrival =.= annoyed. niel getting further and further in front.
my sis was recording, calling out to each member to get them to say hi to her cam. last was cap so she found me there then at the back of the circle, and my friend was there suddenly too, and we 3 started calling out cap CAP CAP!! LEADER CAP! to no avail, so tried bangminsoo BANGMINSOO BANGMINSOOOOO hahah i tell u 3 voices calling out one after the other is pretty amazing. haha cap laughed, didnt turn but lift his hand to acknowledge us. but chunji did turn and laughed!
and we didnt know this at the time, but later saw fancams, showed that changjo also turned to laugh at this. and niel didnt turn but he found it amusing, told ricky abt it and ricky turned to laugh too ^^
haha ricky turning we did see however. somehow its very easy to see ricky ahaha.
we started calling rickyyy rickkyyyaaaa rickkkyyy!!! neomu kwiopda!!! and he actually slowed down for us hahaha. he is such a darling!!!


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[FA] TT(niel) stalking in malaysia (110923-110924) pt1

I'm such a lazy writer haha. most of my time is spent doing other projects like dancing, sewing, making gifts and decors. T.T but i guess i owe it to myself to write this FA so i can remember Teentop in Malaysia forever ^^

Anyways, before we get started, this FA is not only on TT, but basically my weekend as a whole =p so bear with the useless facts hahaha.

we basically finished TT-NMPOY dance cover. its not really perfect imho, but we were rushing before sandy has to go back study in UK, so we made the recording date earlier than planned. we also recorded alot of behind-the-scenes footage and took stupid pictures in our TT costumes. i edited all the footage plus our NGs into a video, and burned it into DVD to give the boys.

couldnt sleep, too excited knowing TT coming to Malaysia tomorrow. i stayed up finishing my NIEL placard, which also has Teentop on the other side. yeah, its pretty big.

front of placard that say NIEL

back of placard say TeenTop

i also made a small yellow envelop decorated terribly (yes, i never said im a great decorator ahhaha), to put in the DVD. i burned the DVD and wrote a short msg on the DVD top but i never took a pic of it. i made this cd cover picture using our idiot pics.

this is the front cover of the cd~

this is the back

it looked decent enough, finally fell asleep at 3am.

too excited when ppl started tweeting pictures of their departure in the morning. niel in black and carrying a red backpack (mentally memorizing the clothes so i can spot him quickly)

decided to go to airport early. sat around McD while finishing off our TT gift. i put in our signature paper (we did the first one during supa luv dance cover, and i decided to make it our custom to have a signed paper every TT cover).
This is for supa luv cover

This is for NMPOY cover.

also, wrote them a letter, giving encouraging msgs and personal msg for each member. its basically english littered with korean, so im really not sure how much they can understand XD and of course gave our twitter accounts too (just so they know who is spamming them T.T)

by the time they were supposed to come out, there were tons and tons of ppl at the gate. well, since 4minute and FTisland was supposed to arrive with them, i guess there's ntg we can do. i stood next to the escalator opening, first in line. i wanted a clear opportunity to give the gift. i dont carry camera along, because i am always too pre-occupied to take a fancam. T.T sorry.

anyways 4minute came out first, then FTI. i was hoping their fans would run with them, but the guards were sending each group one by one, so the fans ran back and re-joined the crowd, and so the full effect of everyone there was landed on our pretty boys' shoulders T.T

i saw Ljoe's hair first (who doesnt?) coming up the escalator. we started bouncing around excited. it was a crazy feeling knowing they are FINALLY HERE! held up my NIEL placard and hold gift in other hand. i was basically prepared to give the gift to any member available, but chunji and ljoe are not my choice to give it to, (i feel chunji wont be as open to accepting gifts < correct me if im wrong, just my opinion. and ljoe, well ljoe i cant always tell if he's paying attention or not ^^ hahaha) too dangerous to rely on them. i knew ricky was likely to come out earlier rather than later, and would take the gift so i thought let me try ricky and just go with the flow. i dunno y i never thought of giving to niel. i never followed other FA so i dunno how well he receives gifts, and i know i will become totally speechless when i see him.

chunji and ricky reached first, and immediately called out 'ricky-yaaaa' and he looked my way, and i handed him the gift. did a little dance of victory and then focused on finding Niel.

I chronicled the event of gift passing ceremony into the comic below haha

If you follow fancams of Ricky on the day, can see him holding on to the CD so tightly. awwww baby ricky why so cute??

Niel came out the back of the group with changjo and cap (basically these 3 just changed positions amongst themselves throughout the ordeal).
Niel saw me FIRST!! XD well if he didnt see my placard he must be blind, omg its so bright. he smiled and waved and i nearly died of happiness.

it didnt register at the time, but i did see he was on edge and immediately began moving like he was avoiding the crowd (i dun mean this in a bad way. just that he attempts protection by hanging on to cap. unlike chunji was trudges forward like nobody's business and ljoe who walks like he owns the place XD).
it was sooo difficult to walk next to Niel since he keeps changing place T.T after some point, he was in front of both changjo and cap d.
at first i was behind the idol circle (a circle made by the security guards surrounding the boys). and im looking right at the back of cap and changjo's neck.
my friend "Z" this is her first time stalking and she was over excited tapping each of the boys' shoulders.
this is just my opinion, I never ever touch who i am stalking. i feel it is rude and scary to be touched if it were me =.= and so i come close, and look only.
so i was kinda annoyed at the hands coming from every direction and touching the boys and asking for handshakes (or forcing them). even more funny is that one of them is Z and non-stop tapping their shoulders, especially her fav Ljoe, who (poor him) kept turning around thinking someone called him.
at one point Z saw i was right at changjo's back, and she said 'hey dayana, go touch changjo!' i was like 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt?' =.= no, i didnt of course.
i found my other friend and she called out to cap 'bangminsoo' and because my voice was being all funny i made a pretty weird draggy version 'bangminsoooooooo' and i myself had to laugh at how ridiculous it sounded.
i saw a girl in front called out to niel and he looked and she held up her hand, said 'hi5!' and for a while he appeared confused and he did a hesitant hi5 LMAO.
he did this pretty much throughout the entire walk to the car (its abt 100-200meters to the car), smiling, but appearing to be alarmed at the amount ppl. at one point, it was so crowded, the idol circle couldnt move. somehow chunji started laughing, god knows why 0.0 and the other members laughed too. as the idol circle moved forward i guess niel relaxed more eventually.
i couldnt follow niel, who kept changing places, so i circled around behind the circle and end up on the right side (where there was less ppl). at this point chunji in front with ricky sticking behind him. ljoe walking on the right, niel on the left slightly behind him, and changjo cap behind.
my friend saw opportunity, called ljoe, 'hey ljoe have u seen our dance cover?' i was right next to him and i wanted to cover my face suddenly feel embarrased. i dunno what he replied, cos of all the commotion.
then a girl in front of me fell, and since i was moving forward i nearly went down with her. ljoe turned to look concern. i had a feeling it was the stupid guards who pushed her down, so (I AM SO SORRY FOR THIS PART) i jumped past her and continued walking. we reached the oval doors where the guards managed to block most fans from walking beside the circle, but i managed to squeeze past since ljoe has so much free space =.=
and when i reached the other side i was so tired of being pushed around by the other fans and guards that i yelled out 'OMG who la push me just now you wanna die??' Ljoe turned to me wide eyed and i looked at him mortified that he could understand that =.= awesome.

im not lying when i say i really am right next to Ljoe. i dun have fancam, cos i dun carry around a camera, but i found this:
can tell its me because of the huge placard. I'm in blue, u can see half my body only, the other blue is Ljoe

once we got near the van, fans stopped moving and somehow i was shuffled around alot. at one point i was pretty close to Niel without realizing it, cos i was dying of being pushed around.
Thats me in blue, niel with the red bag. the one is stripes is changjo.

they got packed into their van and the doors were shut, curtains closed, but there were cracks and ppl continued badgering the van, so they moved out straight away.

by this point so tired and hungry, we decided to get some food first and then head out to hotel.

in my mind, i was wondering if ricky was looking at the pics on that cd cover. its pretty hilarious. i hope he showed the other members. that would be awesome!

went to the hotel toilet to freshen up, and wait for them at the lobby. didnt seem like they were coming soon, since ricky tweeted abt being at rehearsal. we heard that FTI was having dinner upstairs so we went up to have dinner.
FTI obviously knew we were there, and pulled a partition to close off where they were sitting but one of the members continued leaning outwards and staring at our group. (im sorry if this part of my story becomes vague since i dun follow FTI and dont know their members except Jaejin who my sis likes). we let the actual FTI fans sit facing the boys and i faced opposite way, so i didnt see for myself everything that happened then, but they said FTI boys were acting funny and continuously stole glances at our table. i know for sure the last part when they got up to leave. they walked past our table so slowly =.= and our whole table (with 11people) became so quiet, everyone pretending not to be a fan, not stalkers, but also cannot breathe or look at them when they were walking past our table. and lastly Jaejin walked past a say 'Hiiiiiii' and suddenly there was a chorus of His and Byes erupting from our table. lol the FTI boys had the decency to look totally composed while they walked away, but another friend who walked past them further down the hall saw them laughing their heads off. yes, i must admit it did sound pretty ridiculous hahahaha.

i became fidgety cos i know by now TT must be coming back. and i really really really didnt want to miss them. my baby NIEL!!! the table of friends didnt want to leave because one of them was media and called down one of the MC (DJYoung) for an interview. i said, okay thats great but i still want to go down. so only 4 of us went down, and JUST IN TIME.
i just barely sat down on the lobby couch when i heard commotion coming up the escalator. apparently all the fans were forced downstairs, and so we were the only ones at the lobby. i jumped up when i saw Niel and his cute pony tail and began pacing like a madman "what do i do? what do i do?"
oh the moment was here, and i could only manage a small Hi when they walked past. the security looked furious at us being there. Ricky was unsure and bowed and waved at us. He looked straight at me and i was wondering if he remembered me for giving the gift earlier. my eyes skipped over to niel and he was staring at me also, waving hello. he was not smiling, rather looking speculative. i wonder what thats abt? i prayed i looked fine =.= but i was dying looking at the pony tail ahhahaah.
just when they were abt to pass us, my sis called out 'chanhee ahhh' and he immediately looked, bowed and waved as he walked pass.
we later discussed that maybe teentop was not sure we were fans or not, since they seemed unsure to greet us. but after the 'chanhee ah' can see their faces were like 'oh rite, knows chunji name, definitely fans.'
uhuksss dying thinking of niel's look. when he looked at me, i seriously cannot breathe, no there was not a chance i could call out his name, feeling as starstruck as i was T.T hahahah

anyways, the rest of the night was hanging out with DJYoung and recorded a video for UKISS kevin and dongho using DJYoung's phone lmao, but i think this is someone else's fanaccount to share, since my only contribution is 'kevin i love you' 0.0 lmao, i couldnt think of what to say really ^^

continue part 2 for concert day and airport departure

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