Sunday, July 25, 2010

Epsilon performs Nu ABO [f(x)] at Nubies Gathering

Epsilon as the guest performance.

event: Nubhan FC's gathering
date: 24th July, 2010
place: Grand Continental Hotel, KL
song: Nu ABO by f(x)

**pls excuse the mistakes ^^ we had to dance on carpeted floor. also, there wasnt much space on stage, so we were banging into each other lol.

music is owned by SMent. No copyright infringement intended.

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Special thanks to Tyra Rahman and Nubhan FC for inviting us =)))

Friday, July 23, 2010

Epsilon - Nu ABO [f(x)] cover performance

Epsilon has finally did their first performance of Nu ABO by f(x)

Epsilon as the guest performance.

event: Biomed Idol 2010, UPM
date: 21st July, 2010
place: DKU, Medical Faculty, UPM.
song: Nu ABO by f(x)

**pls excuse the mistakes ^^ we had to dance on carpeted floor.

music is owned by SMent. No copyright infringement intended.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Epsilon's present for U-KISS ~!

Epsilon does a cover of Bingeul2 by U-KISS. This dance cover project is a present from Epsilon to U-KISS, given as a 1 month anniversary gift since the U-KISS fanmeet in Malaysia on 19th June.

We understand its not perfect. There was not enough time to coordinate 7 busy schedules. Hopefully, next time we will do better.

Originally there are 5 members of epsilon.
Thank you to the two added dancers, Serena and Ashley, for joining this project.

xander: shaheeza
soohyun: ashley
eli: sandra
kiseop: serena
kibum: dayana
kevin: joey
dongho: adiba

For Gee:
-green pants: joey
-yellow pants: dayana
-red pants: adiba
-black pants, white+red shirt: shaheeza
-black pants, white shirt: sandra

Please be nice, no bashing. For the other short covers, we spammed learned it in a day, so dont expect it to be perfect XD

Thank you for watching~!
Epsilon loves U-KISS!!
U-KISS come back to Malaysia!!!!

Music owned by their respective companies. No copyright infringement intented.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

SHINee LUCIFER Teaser [Epsilon cover]

Epsilon releases another cover video~!! This time its a cover of the teaser video for SHINee's new song Lucifer!!

16th July the teaser was released. It was soooo cool, we spontaneously decided to record it, just because we were all there. It wasnt planned so please excuse our setting and clothes. Here it is:

You can compare it to the actual SMent released SHINee Lucifer teaser. Lol of course the boys are super hot!! and the teaser is awesome~!!

thanks for watching.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

4Days 3Nights of U-KISS in Malaysia (My V-log)

U-KISS was in Malaysia for a fanmeet on the 19th June 2010. This is the chronicles of U-KISS 4 days and 3 nights in Malaysia, as seen in my POV.

Video and picture sources (credits to: NHmedia, Geneses Dream Entertainment, 988radio, 1003radio, xquotexmex, suwensan, cari forum, KissMeMY, zoeyimah, HapeeSamantha, Janics89, chibimiraie, blacklady, summerlila, amiratyra, tira_blurb, whistbassist, jonYKT, atiecar89, Callie10182).

Thanks to Epsilon:
dayana, sandra, adiba, joey, shaheeza, *serena

Much love for U-KISS:
Alexander, SooHyun, KiBum, KiSeop, Eli, Kevin, DongHo.

Music background owned by NHmedia. No copyright infringement intended.


a dance video by Epsilon for U-KISS will be released soon..(stay tuned~)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Epsilon Nu ABO [f(x)] full practice video

Its been awhile since we last posted a video. Still in the middle of several projects (UKISS, Miss A), and i wanted to tie up some loose ends, so we are releasing the full practice video for Nu ABO. We will be performing it first time end of next week, so hope to release a performance video too.

Watch it here:

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

[100710] Brian Joo 1st Fanmeet in Malaysia (fanaccount)

Today, 10th July 2010, Sandra and I went to Brian Joo's first fanmeet in Malaysia! We are so dead broke from so many other activities this year, that we needed free tickets, so we joined 8tv Nite Live's competition. And Sandra won 2 free (normal) tickets!! The contest was to pose like Brian's (in my head) cover photo.

sandy's winning entry

We planned on lining up early since we were free standing zone, ended up coming TOO EARLY~! XD the place wasnt even open yet, the chairs have yet to be placed and all the equipment and merchandise were only just being sent over that morning.

the sight of the Opera at 7am

We entered the building later on, past noon, and got our tickets and merchandise. Sandra's merchandise bag included an autographed poster!!

the ticket: front view (L), back view (R)

Also they were selling autographed album for normal price inside the venue! Got mine~!

The fanmeet was pretty well organized, albeit the not-so-suitable venue. There was hardly any pushing, we got in nicely, everything went on smoothly. Saw alot of friends and acquaintances! We met Kpopped's Liz and Orchid there. GDE staff: Chloe and Mikki. And of course familiar faces from the media. Old friends, new friends, it was a happening place to be! ^^
Posed for a picture with the bunting.

This is what it looks like in The Opera before the fanmeet start. We are on the second floor. Actually when they first opened the doors to 'normal tickets' (aka non-VIP) they said we were to stand behind all the VIP...which was ridiculous because we couldnt see anything. We argued that the layout did show R and L sides, so we were allowed access to upstairs balcony.

the upstairs balcony is on 2nd floor

A funny thing happened. The upstairs crew were informed that VVIP were to have a celebration party with Brian on the upper deck, and were to be served free drinks. They didnt know that we werent up there as VVIP and started serving us the drinks instead. Yea, we gladly take free drinks hehe =))
uber fail selca trying to take the drinks in our hands haha!

The fanmeet started, MC was the 8tv Nite Live host. The show was fantastic! I've never heard Brian sing live before, and was in awe at his ability to perform perfectly, dancing while singing at the same time. I super love his voice!! Very nice quality to it~!

The show went on smoothly. Brian interacted with fans. and also they had a games section.

The girls are randomly picked from all the names in the box. The 4 lucky girls stood on stage and get to select a paper with an instruction in it.
1. dance sexy with Brian
2. get a hug from the back
3. hug Brian
4. aegyo from Brian
the fourth girl said hers was not enough the first time round, and Brian actually went down on the floor with his aegyo!! its was super funny~!!!

And then the winner of the poster designing competition went on stage. she got a hug from Brian and also he presented her the poster, fully autographed with a message. So sweet ^^

The VIP were given a group photo (1o persons per group) with Brian. I saw some people ask for hugs from Brian too~! hahaha well take the opportunity when you can. =)))

Then the VVIP were escorted up to continue upstairs with the celebration party with Brian. They get free food, drinks and picture with Brian (i'm not sure how many person per picture because I was not there =p).

Here's where we got lucky. The MC said 8tv winners were to go up and get a photo with Brian too! They didnt specify whether just the 5 top winners get it, or all winners are allowed. So me and Sandra just stayed back and hoped for the best ^^ While waiting, we hang out with Liz and Orchid, XD they were so friendly~!
chilling upstairs at the celebration party (credit: orchid@kpopped)

Then Brian came up for the photos with 8tv winners first, before VVIP. They let him sit in the middle and allow 4fans in one picture at a time. So 2 person on each side. I joked with Sandra, since we were at the back of the line, wouldnt it be funny if we were left just the two of us?

AND AMAZINGLY IT HAPPENED! There was an odd number, and the previous 4 ended in front of me, so it was just left me and Sandy!! So we got to be just the left and side of him. Still waiting to see it! Cant wait for it to be released!!

me: hi brian.
sandy: hey, remember us?
brian: em... im not sure....
me: the twitter girls!! (i mention a square shape of my placard that i gave him last night)
brian: OHHHH!!!! THAT WAS YOU GUYS?? The blue paper??
me: yea~~ hehehe!
sandy: (hehehe) sorry, we were being dorks.
brian: nawww, its okay. I wouldve done the same thing if it were Micheal Jackson!

**** if you dunno wat the twitter thing is abt, pls refer to my previous blog entry.

we pose for a picture, me on his left, and sandy on the right.
credit: Cari Forum

He put arms around us. I was so overwhelmed at the time, i wanted to put my arm on his back, and when i did, i felt my arm was shaking like MAD! apparently he felt it too =.=

brian: hey, ur shaking!!
sandra: hahaha sorry we're nervous!
me: *blush blush* emm... can i have a hug?
brian: yea, sure (gives me a hug, and then sandy got one too!!)
haha got my hug pic! (credit: orchid@kpopped)

we say our thank yous, and asked him to tweet more ^^ We really hope he remembers us as the twitter girls hahaha!!!

We left the place all light headed and giddy LMAO! well what do u expect? we came for a show, on a free ticket, expecting to be far back, with bad view and leave shortly after finish.
But what we got: seats up on 2nd floor, free drinks, picture with Brian, and also hugs, and Brian remembers my twitter placard!! SUPER EPIC DAY~!!!!! Can life get more lucky than this??

Friday, July 9, 2010

our super Brian Joo stalking experience in Malaysia

Today, me, sandra and serena went to KLIA to greet the arrival of another Korean artist in Malaysia: Brian Joo!!! I thought to do something funny, since he's on twitter, so here's my placard:We were debating whether to put Malaysia on it, like tweet abt Malaysia, but there was not enough space, so I settled with this. Pls memorize how this looks cos later I will be refering to this pic. ^^

Sandra's placard. super bright and big!! looks like jacket cover no? =))

This is us 3 waiting at the arrival hall. Quite a few came to greet Brian. I'd say around 30?? Cant be sure. I lost count when ppl started overlapping at the barricades.

It wasnt like a crazy scream fest tho, unlike other Korean artists. So we get to say out 'BRIAN!' nicely. Actually he came out silently, two girls were holding vid cams in front of him, taking in the sight. We didnt realize at first, and everyone was silent, all placards folded, so it was an awkward few seconds. then suddenly, everyone flipped over their placards and started screaming. hahaha i saw him caught sight of our big and catchy placards and he looked and pointed at mine!!! Nice =)))

We followed him out, and then to the car. Here's my video:

If you hear around 0:05, there is a crushing noise, and everyone sort of stopped...That was cos of the sudden jam of people at the gate. My right hand was holding the camera, left holding placard. I was too focused on my vid that I didnt realize my placard was amidst the crushing action!!! OMG i pulled it up to see the 'ABOUT' and 'twitter bird' have fallen off!! Lol so it was 'Brian Joo- Tweet US!'
hahhaaha I dont care! it still made sense, so i held it up in front of his car. We saw them inside the car, taking pic and vids of our placards. super cool~! i really hoped he would tweet abt it.

We met some Kpop-related frens (whist bassist gang haha! from our Suju sleepover in front of stadium days). They wanted to stalk Brian to the hotel, so we joined them. They left first, and we ran towards our car. Serena couldnt follow us then, due to other activities, so just me and Sandra.
We drove super fast and couldnt catch up, wondering how fast they were actually going, but our frens told us they were at Renaissance hotel, so we caught up to them there.

Nothing we could do then but wait for him to go out to eat, so we parked at VALET parking!! (RM20 per car @.@) cos their cars were parked there and we needed to see if they go. We sat there abt an hour? just redoing our placards.... I re-fashioned my twitter placard into this:
Hahahaha added our names there so he can make sense of the earlier 'Tweet Us!' 'Tweet to who?' so 'tweet @dayslaelia and @suwensan!!' We dun care if he really tweeted us, but we thought this super funny so i made it anyway. Its just paper, and fold-able, so its real easy to bring along.

Super crazy ride towards the restaurant...the securstar really handle those cars well. we swerved and missed cars by inches!!! i think they were testing to see if they could lose us haha!!
and well well well... u wouldnt believe our shock!! He ate here:
Bak Kut Teh?!!! hahahaha, we entered the restaurant too. Super lucky cos the restaurant guy let us park right in front of the place!!! Also we were starving so took the opportunity to eat too~~

There was only 6 of us there at the restaurant. Hope we didnt look suspicious. The waiter saw us giggling and pointing at Brian's table when we entered, so he asked us 'You wanna go in? Are you friends with them?' We were like 'nooooooooooooo. we'll sit out here hehehe.'

You can see them inside the VIP room. We sat outside with direct view of them. the most right side with fedora (grey) is Brian. He used this time to capture vid and v-log abt it on twitter:

Funny thing happened here, the only way to the toilet was through the VIP room. and one of us really had to pee, but we were all too shy to pass through.....after some time, she couldnt hold it in any longer, so the two of them decided to brave it. They were too embarassed so they just RAN through the room. We could see Brian's group were laughing at them. Soooo funny!!

And when they wanted to pass to get back, again, heads down... run straight through... hahaha we were laughing our heads off at our table.

We waited til it was time for them to leave. The security guards already noticed us from long ago (i mean they recognized us from previous stalking attempts a.k.a U-KISS, Beast XD), so i knew they wudn't let us come up to Brian for handshake, and probably wont have time to read our placards!
Me and Sandra improvised our plan. Get up, and stand next to car door and pass him the 'twitter' placard. I folded it and held it anxiously as we saw the security maneuver Brian away from our 'fans' table. He headed straight for the car, only 1 security in front of me, so i stepped up when I saw Brian wave and smiled my way. 'Brian, this is for you.' handed him the paper. He took it. 'Thank you.' and into the car. He sat down there and read it.... this is when we started hyperventilating and making weird fan-girl sounds.... the unnies there turned to stare at us and we laughed.

We were super happy cos he actually took it and read it, that we smiled like idiots standing there and waving him good-bye.

I must be super star struck cos i happily walked towards the car..... and walked past it.... all the way down the empty street... all the way, talking to sandra, thinking she's behind me. *look around* 'hey, sandy, where's the car?'
i turn around, no one there. turn again.... i dont see sandy's car....
the guy who works at the restaurant beckons to me 'oiiii ur car here laaaa' *points to infront restaurant*
'oh!' *i quickly run back, and got into the car, while listening to sandra laugh her head off....*

hehehe that was our very productive stalking day of Brian Joo in Malaysia. Tomorrow is his show at Sunway!! cannot wait!!

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