Monday, June 7, 2010

How to get to Plenary Hall, KLCC (U-Kiss Fanmeet Malaysia 100619)

Event: U-Kiss Fanmeet
Date: 19th June, 2010
Location: Plenary Hall, KLCC Convention Center

Okay, for those of us who really really do not know our way around KL =.= here's a simple guide to the hall.

Take lrt or drive to KLCC. Parking rate sucks here, so I suggest you park somewhere with a per entry charge instead if you are planning to stay long.

The convention center building is actually separate from suria klcc. No worries, its a walkable distance.

One way to get there from inside suria is to head to concourse level (below ground), at center court, go past the Burger King and head right where you see this sign:

Follow the looooonnnnngggggg tunnel:
At the end of the tunnel, exit the door on the left (to parking lot):

Follow the walkway towards the convention center building:

Alternatively, you can walk outside (to the park), from the ground level and head right:
The convention center building looks like this:
Head in the door on the right, and walk down the hallway til you reach center (with the escalators):

Okay once your in the convention center, head up to level 1:
There are 10 doors to the plenary hall:
If you head left, to door 1-5 you see this:
Door 4-5 is up the escalator (I'm thinking this goes to the upper tier seats).
Door 1-3 are marked accordingly on the picture.
If you see the plan of the hall, the door closer to the stage is door 1 and furthest would be door 3.
I peeked in the hall from door 2. Looks like this. (sorry shaky camera, I was being sneaky...)
The front seat (line A) is......surprisingly close to the stage LMAO.... I'm thinking that's why GDE sold seats from line C onwards..

p/s: some photos of the hall courtesy of KLCC Convention
(i think these are old pictures tho, cos there are 4 rows added in front of the stage)

And some pictures from other events...

Such a pretty hall...lmao. I love the wooden flooring. Would be nice to dance no? ^^
Cant wait for the day to come~! See you all there~! =)))

Dayana of Epsilon.


  1. Thanks a lot!!!
    This post helps a lot of people who do not know how to go!!^^

  2. wow thank you! i remember i went there for a book fest once, it's really complicated!

  3. Hey, thanks Dayana. Was checking for directions to Plenary Hall and here I am. Was there once - very confusing. Thanks to your instructions here - I have more confidence now. Am going for Drum Tao..

    Thanks again and keep well :)

  4. Thanks. May The Blessing Of The God Be With You Always! 功德无量也。

  5. hey, thanx a lot! Im going for Siti Nurhaliza's concert this coming February...

  6. Thank you so much for the detailed guide



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