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[FanAccount] (3) U-KISS Fanmeet in Malaysia 190610 part 2

Huhu well the fanmeet went on smoothly. all the normal details that everyone saw I guess can be read from other fanaccounts. I am just here to blog about my personal experiences, sorry, so I'm just gonna cut this short and get to the interesting parts.

Well when all the performances were done, it was time for signing. Now everyone has their own signing experience, so I wont bother u with mine, but I must say about Kibeom. He remembered me from the game earlier (or maybe from the hug), and he smiled this realllllyyyyy cute smile at me, almost like shyly. I smiled at him and thanked him for the hug (rather brazenly) and he was stuttering (awww...) and looked like almost blushing. Haha the poor boy! I held out his present and he took it and shook my hand. Not really shake it, more like just held there haha. He was staring into my eyes the whole time and he said 'kamsahamnidaaaaaa' it was dragged out and in such a small voice. Hahah i wonder if he was more embarrassed abt it, than i was. But it was really sweet of him. More reason to like Kibeom hahah~!

Okay skip skip skip, after VIP all done with the signing, top 20 get to go on stage for the group picture. I thought all 20 go on together, but apparently we are broken down into smaller groups so we can stand closer with the boys. During this time, I was sad becos I didnt get to play game with Kevin (or hug him... altho I spoke with him more than Kibeom), and also during the signing, i didnt get to stay and talk to Kevin. Remember I am very kevin biased =.=
So we were 2nd batch, and I was in front, I ran straight towards kevin. he held up both hands waving and said hi to me. I placed both palms on to his and said "Kevin, I want to take picture next to you."
He laughed at my enthusiasm and said OK. I wasnt sure wher to stand but the security just turned me around and left me there with Kevin. I pumped both fists in the air and yelled 'yessss!!" and I could hear Kevin beside me imitating my 'yesss!' hahahaah~! soooo cute!!
He placed both hands on my shoulder ^^ which paralyzed me from any form of pose, but then lifted one hand to do peace sign, so i copied him on opposite side.
Hahah he is sooo skinny beside me. T.T wat can a girl do?
After the picture was taken, the guard said 'Ok done, go go!" I panicked. this was my last chance!!! I needed to get a hug from Kevin. With panic in my face, I turned around and said 'HUG!!!" ........yes, i didnt even get to form a request, or question, all I said was "HUG!"
He laughed again and said "Sure, ok".
okay, u must realize a lot of time has gone by, and I have seen previous 2 hugs given by Kevin. He tends to keep his body away, and his arms circle wide around u, then let go. I didnt want this kind of hug and was determined to get more. LoL So I reached to hugged him tight, but I could feel his body position was just as I feared!! I couldnt stop myself, my disappointment made me squeeze him in response, and when I backed off, I didnt let my arms fall to the side, but rather still cling to his side.
But to my surprise, his hands went down my back too!!!! All the way down and landed on my waist. I was speechlesssssssssssss..... I seriously couldnt talk. I stared gaping at him smiling at me. OMG the power of this smiling angel...
Yes, this might feel like it lasted a lot longer but really it happened very fast. and the manager came and pulled me away. I was seriously floating by then, I didnt look back, I didnt remember to even look at Kibeom, I was just bouncing off in the direction they told me to. I was on cloud 9. Hug Kevin mission is a success!!!

The only problem is that both me n my sis went up for the pic together, and there was no fancam of us up there. She also got a hug from Dongho!! Argghhh I need fancams~!! I need to know this hug happened. Sob, I hope someday I might find the fancam or any picture of this hug. Please please please let me know if anyone sees one!!

Oh well, what else can I spazz abt?? Oh rite, at the end, after the other seats have gotten their CDs, GDE staff went on stage to take pic with U-KISS. Bingeul2 was playing in the background and Epsilon stood in a row, dancing to Bingeul2. Kevin noticed us!!! haha he looked amused then laughed and pointed. Got the picture~:
Later he poked Eli and told him too, and then Eli looked haha~!! Thats y they weren't focused on the camera at this moment hahahaha!!

But overall it was a great fanmeet and I made so many great memories there. Handshake all members. Get my signatures. Give all the presents. And I hugged not one, but two U-KISS members. and of cos one of them is my favorite Kevin.

Can the day really get any better than that??

[FanAccount] (3) U-KISS Fanmeet in Malaysia 190610 part 1

So third day of U-KISS in Malaysia, finally the day of the fanmeet!! The day we have all been waiting for. After all the good luck at Sunway, I was wondering if we really could get luckier today =)

We started off the day at Mandarin Oriental, got to see Xander and Soohyun come down for breakfast. We didnt bother them or anything, just waved from a far. They are so nice to greet us =) We left for the plenary hall quite early, wanted to do the U-KISS dance project and help out My-Kissu teaching dance. Too bad the Convention Center security came and stopped us for 'creating noise'. We werent allowed to do public performances inside the building. Then it came time to go into the hall. We are the third line, top 20 seats. in front of us is VIP Invitation. OMG Mr.Kim of KTO sat in front of me.... LoL and I'm pretty sure he recognized Epsilon for being there.

The fanmeet started off smoothly, but instead of with a song as I expected, they straight away did the games first. There was talk of the games being a lucky draw seating number choosing, and the MC did mention it, but I dont care, I came prepared with my neon yellow "PICK ME" placard. The minute the MC said they might let the boys choose from the audience, my placard went straight up in the air. OMG, Kibeom saw me straight away and he laughed reading my placard. He was so amused, he picked me!!! I was running towards the stage, when I saw the next girl picked was Janics!! OMG, I cant believe we can be picked together?

I got up the stairs and saw Kevin, omg...this is when the problem started. please note first that I am a Kevin biased person. I cannot really see people when I look at him =.= I was supposed to follow Kibeom but I kept talking to Kevin. (pls, kibeom fans dont kill me) When i got on stage, standing next to these two, I realized they smelled reallyyyy nice haha! Then i turned to see Eli walking over, with Sandra??!!!.... I was like NO WAYYY! Can it be possible 3 friends get selected?? (later on, i found out 5 of us knew each other, out of 7 selected for 1st game, sooo lucky!)

The funny thing is Janics (Kevin picked) is Kibeom biased. And I (Kibeom picked) am Kevin biased. I soooo wanted to ask for a trade, but if i spoke, obviously Kevin would understand wat i was saying, so i felt it was kind of rude. so I kept quiet. Wahhh I feel so bad for this part now. Cos at the moment i did not realize how much I wasnt interacting with Kibeom. I spoke very little to him T.T and totally forgot to speak Japanese to him arghhh!!! He must feel like I didnt like him T.T i feel so bad!!

We played Cham cham cham. Its an old game. I totally suck at it. I tried against my other friends, and yes, I lose everytime. But it doesnt matter who won cos we all get a hug from our boy (thank you sooo much mr.MC for suggesting this!!)

What do I feel about hugging Kibeom? Hahaha for one, he is the perfect height. I was slightly on tip-toe and my face can bury in his shoulder. He smiled and opened his arms and i sorta bounced into them. Lol i hugged him so tight, and he hugged me back!! I was so shocked that i didnt let go straight away, and my leg lifted subconsciously off the ground (think Princess Diaries). I did notice my lips were on his shoulder, and i worried abt make-up on his white costume.

OMG Kibeom's body is reallyyyy nice. It did not feel skinny at all, and seemed to fit me nicely hehe. I practically leaned my whole length against him (so sry, pls dont kill me). I can hear the screams of protest from the crowd. When I let go, i was so disoriented, that I did not know wat to do.
this is when 2nd problem started. I looked around for wat I was supposed to do, then I asked Kevin (which is a mistake, since I am sooo Kevin biased). Kevin told me I was supposed to go down now and waved good bye. I watched fancams now and I noticed that Kibeom came to see what was wrong, and I never even noticed him there. @.@ i am sooo sry and I feel so bad now for having done that. Feel like crying~! Becos I so adore Kibeom now, I wish that part never happened.
Later on, Janics told me Kevin picked her becos of the huge lollipop she held. Since they both picked us for weird reasons, i think it would be better if we changed anyways? But I wouldnt have gotten to hug Kibeom, and yesss, that hug was sooo much more worth it~!!!

This blog post is soo long I'm gonna continue the next part in a 2nd post.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

U-KISS fan meet flashmob project [TUTORIAL]

Okay, so as a favor for MyKissu (Malaysian U-KISS forum), we decided to make this video tutorial for the flashmob project planned for the UKISS fanmeet this coming 19th June.

The idea is to flashmob the chorus of ManManHaNi and Talk to Me. So we only did a short tutorial on the chorus part for both. Please watch~! Thank you. And Sorry for our randomness. We seem extremely biased somehow, but trust me, we love all of U-KISS hehee~! Cant wait!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

How to get to Plenary Hall, KLCC (U-Kiss Fanmeet Malaysia 100619)

Event: U-Kiss Fanmeet
Date: 19th June, 2010
Location: Plenary Hall, KLCC Convention Center

Okay, for those of us who really really do not know our way around KL =.= here's a simple guide to the hall.

Take lrt or drive to KLCC. Parking rate sucks here, so I suggest you park somewhere with a per entry charge instead if you are planning to stay long.

The convention center building is actually separate from suria klcc. No worries, its a walkable distance.

One way to get there from inside suria is to head to concourse level (below ground), at center court, go past the Burger King and head right where you see this sign:

Follow the looooonnnnngggggg tunnel:
At the end of the tunnel, exit the door on the left (to parking lot):

Follow the walkway towards the convention center building:

Alternatively, you can walk outside (to the park), from the ground level and head right:
The convention center building looks like this:
Head in the door on the right, and walk down the hallway til you reach center (with the escalators):

Okay once your in the convention center, head up to level 1:
There are 10 doors to the plenary hall:
If you head left, to door 1-5 you see this:
Door 4-5 is up the escalator (I'm thinking this goes to the upper tier seats).
Door 1-3 are marked accordingly on the picture.
If you see the plan of the hall, the door closer to the stage is door 1 and furthest would be door 3.
I peeked in the hall from door 2. Looks like this. (sorry shaky camera, I was being sneaky...)
The front seat (line A) is......surprisingly close to the stage LMAO.... I'm thinking that's why GDE sold seats from line C onwards..

p/s: some photos of the hall courtesy of KLCC Convention
(i think these are old pictures tho, cos there are 4 rows added in front of the stage)

And some pictures from other events...

Such a pretty hall...lmao. I love the wooden flooring. Would be nice to dance no? ^^
Cant wait for the day to come~! See you all there~! =)))

Dayana of Epsilon.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Epsilon Special Project - U-Kiss Fanmeet

Annyeong~~ Hello everyone!!

U-kiss is coming to town!
Are you ready?!
We definitely are!!

Epsilon is planning a Ukiss Dance Project for the upcoming fanmeet!
(click for Epsilon facebook page)

Since there are only 5 of us and 7 of them, we are looking for more dancers specially for this project!!

The project - open performance before fanmeet, just outside the hall, to get things started~~ If we are super lucky, we would love to dance for Ukiss too~!

Requirements? All you need to do is be able to dance and live around KL (better yet, Serdang area) so you can show up for practice! Girl or Guy, doesnt matter. No money involved, and we wont really require costumes for this.

Interested? Pls contact Dayana at or 012-6175309 *corrected*

Please email to me if you are interested, and I will try to get back to you asap with all the details

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Epsilon Nu ABO comeback!!!

Epsilon has come out with a comeback teaser!!!

Check it out~!

Epsilon (of SHINee World Malaysia) is doing a girl dance!!! It's Nu ABO by f(x).
(download this teaser video here:

okay our costumes are not entirely done yet, so it'll be some time before our real comeback hahaha~!

hope u enjoy!!

please wait for our comeback stage ^^

p/s: pause at the last picture to know who does which position =))

victoria - dayana
sulli - huishian
krystal - adiba
amber - sandy
luna - shaheeza

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