Monday, May 17, 2010

Korea Wave Contest [Post Mortem]

Hey guys, it seems I am always last to blog about something I'm involved in, heheh. I'm always dead right after so you know the day after wher to find me? In bed asleep of cos!! hehe XP

So KWC (korea wave contest) is finally over! It was a great event! Truly the best stage I've been on so far. For those who dunno, its a contest held for contestants to show their kpop fandom and talents! It was at KL Life Center from 2-4pm on 15th May, 2010.

Since I am the leader of Epsilon, this post is bound to be biased, no? hehe jk jk, i'll be non-judgmental ^^
Overall, i think everyone did awesome!! Really, truly alot of improvement! I know for audiences who dunno the contestants, can be kinda harsh when commenting, but thats understandable. Audience expects to be entertained, and they wanna see the best. But I know some contestants since other events, and some I met during auditions, and some I came to know during the finals, but I was truly blown away by how much effort each group, each individual has given for this competition.
There are contestants that are bound to shine, obviously becos they are more experienced. I mean, this competition has its share of professional dancers and instructors, and established dance crews. They did very well, and lived up to their reputation. The crowds and fans were not disappointed.

But I also want to give thumbs up to the newer, younger groups, who had the courage and will to stand up on stage to live the dream. You guys are young yet, and have tremendous potential and talent. I feel you guys can achieve so much more, and reach new heights. Hope to see you guys again someday =)

Oh dear...Am I being vague? haha u know who i'm talking abt =p

To the SWM, Triples and fans: thanks so much for coming and cheering for us, with the placards and balloons and pompoms. It was a wonderful feeling to go up on that stage and see you guys down there in red and black supporting us! The fanchanting was awesome~ when I heard the first 'Epsilon' i was smiling from ear to ear =))) thanks a million guys!!! you rock!!

And to Epsilon: I have been extraordinarily annoying and getting on everyone's nerves with my incessant complaining and pushing you guys to the extreme about this competition, I know. This is our first real stage. We never knew we'd come this far. Seriously, we are just 5 girls, joined by our love for SHINee. We are lucky to be here, and for KWC to happen here and now =P but.... as we say time and time again, it was never about the competition, it was not about the prize, it was only about making the perfect SHINee cover. *Applauds* Congratz you guys! I think we did it =)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Support Epsilon at the Korea Wave Finals~~

Hey guys, I'm here again to ask you to please support Epsilon at the Korea Wave Finals =)))

Time: 2-4pm
Place: KL Life Center (for directions, refer here)
Date: 15th May, 2010 (saturday)

You can have fun watching the 11 finalists battle it out, dancing to their favorite kpop songs, and imitating their favorite korean idols ^^

The Finalists are ~~
1. Breakers (duo, guy& girl)
2. Progression (6 member guy group)
3. J.A.C (3 member girl group)
4. Memoirs (1 solo girl)
5. 10 Minute Crew (6 member guy&girl)
6. DA Infinity (4member girl group)
7. Cherry Boom (5 member girl group)
8. Ruff Necks (4 member guy group)
9. Chromed L (previously just Leon, now 3people)
10. Nikki (1 solo girl)
11. Epsilon (5 member girl group)

** this is not the performance list arrangement for the finals. I am not sure how much other teams have revealed, but I feel it unethical to release that information, without organizers consent, therefore I can only tell you that Epsilon is the 8th one to perform, scheduled around 3.10pm. But please come early to get great seats, with the other supporters and enjoy urself~!

We encourage you to bring along anything (props, etc.) and of course your enthusiasm!!

For those who support Epsilon, join us at the Epsilon thread at SHINee World Malaysia forum for some preparation~~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

what i'm looking for

i feel so confused. and i'm so tired everyday with all the activities, its hard to distinguish whether i'm thinking straight or not.

i do not make a good leader. a good leader is someone who can bring a bunch of misfits, and create a miracle out of them. i wish i were good, but i'm not. i am not the kind of person people will listen to or take orders from. what good is a leader who cant lead??

its my fault anyways. when no one stepped up, i always feel obligated to. and i know it will come a day when they realize that i am not up to it anyways, so why do i do it? it feels so unfair. i am forced into this position everytime and i am made to feel useless.

i hate being leader. where i live, the leader is always the easiest person to blame when anything goes wrong. they push all responsibility on me, and accuse me if things dont turn out good. how many times have i seen history repeat itself?

when dealing with human interactions, we have to control what we say so that we can get along. but if there are problems, the leader has to step up and point it out. its the ugliest job. everyone else knows the problem but no one wants to point it out. in the end, i have to, and i am the one to be hated?? then i dont want to be leader, and i can stay and keep everyone liking me. =.=

i try to think positively. in the past, i realize i've always been too hasty in judging people and their intentions. i should wait. things will get better. i just have to let things go, dont take things to heart.

they want to accuse me, then what can i do? they want to hate me, then i have to live with that. if i want things to happen, i need to make that sacrifice. and maybe someday i cant take it anymore and i just leave the team. i'll just be hated more, and people wont remember me for what i did for the team, rather everything that i did wrong. they'll go on and replace me, all the while thinking i am the fool, for walking out, when in fact all i needed was a little appreciation and cooperation. if everyone believes i could not lead the team anyways, then why dont they be leader for a change, and i can happily sit on the sidelines, and question every decision you make for the team. see how that feels.

trust me, it feels horrible.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How to get to KL Life Center (Korea Wave Contest/R16 Finals)

For friends and family who want to come support during the Korea Wave Contest/R16 Finals on the 15th of May 2010, at KL Life Center but do not know the way there, here's an easy route from monorail Raja Chulan station (for those traveling by public transport).

This is the destination. KL Life Center.

You might remember a big TGI Friday's that used to be at this building. The right side of the building looks like this:

When you exit the monorail station, you will see this.

Head to the right towards the MBf building. (KL Life Center is right next to this building)

You will realize that across the road is actually Menara Hap Seng, which is where Korea Plaza is..

Menara Hap Seng is across the road.

Head to the left of KL Life Center building to see this sign, saying its upstairs (level 1).

Up the stairs u will find the poster there ^^

Here's a drawing of what it would look like with people and lighting =)))

Alternatively, you can find your way to KL life center by looking for Korea Plaza first. A comprehensive guide has been written here.

Hope this helps, and don't forget to come on the 15th to support!!

Courtesy of Epsilon

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