Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{PREORDER} taemin RDD cape [OPEN]

Hi! I want to sell a remake of taemin's RDD cape (the vampire-ish looking one from the music video)
**note: i make only the cape. the jacket underneath it is just a plain black blazer (look at taemin's one below)

I made mine for a Kpop dance competition in which my group cosplayed SHINee. I'm not selling mine, obviously I'd have to make new ones for sale.

Open for pre-order: Apr 20th til May 15th.
After this date, please note it takes at least 4 days to make (from scratch...and i'm no seamstress), then give it another week for shipping.

(sry it's laid out so messy =.=)

I'm selling it for rm65 (malaysian ringgit)***

*** not including shipping and handling. The material is rather heavy, and its big so i'm not sure about shipping price. but if ur interested, pm me and i'll check the shipping price to ur area.
*** abt the price, the material i chose is really expensive, and also this is alot of work.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to pm me or email me at:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Epsilon PASSED!!

Epsilon before auditions

Hehe I know this came a few days late, but i was even more busy after the auditions then before it, so I had no time to spazz here.

Anyways, our dance group (now named Epsilon) from SHINee World Malaysia made it thru the Korea wave contest (KWC) auditions!

There were many that turned up that day at Korea Plaza (17th Apr). A total of 46 contestants registered. For a detailed explanation of the audition just read the article on it at kpopped (http://k-popped.com/2010/04/11-finalists-chosen-for-malaysias.html)

For us, it was a tremulous event. What we originally planned to do was to just join to represent SWM and give the contest a true SHINee cover. But the event turned out to be bigger than that! We were surprised but kept our roles as the SHINee cover and did our best.

Since me and dba had exam later that evening and had to rush through auditions so we can get back to UPM, we decided to audition early. We were contestant no.3.

The MCs told us the decision by the judges will be given immediately. So its either a YES/NO/KIV. We went in really nervous, and introduced ourselves in Korean. Then proceeded to dance, but there was a problem with the song!! (of cos i wanna blame the technical guy, but i cant) but it was fixed in a jiffy, and we didnt delay too long. After half of our performance, the judges started to talk among themselves. I got worried cos they werent looking at us anymore. I looked outside at that moment and I could see many onlookers peeking in to our audition!! LMAO...

Then suddenly the judge asked to stop the music. We felt defeated. were we eliminated so fast? Heads down, we all inched towards the exit. Then KKK (the MC) asked, werent we staying to hear the judges comments?
LoL, I was like 'yes please' *bow bow*

valene gave comments and pointed out where we could improve. We still felt as if we were being rejected so we just nodded and agreed with her. Then Mr.Jung said we did pretty well and out of the blue said 'we'll see u at the finals then', and the 3rd judge, Gavin Khoo also added 'yes, see u at the finals'.

we were so in shock that our first reply was 'huh?'
then in the corner of my eye, i could see ziera (malaysia's top host =.=) jumping d. the smiles finally reached our faces and we were bowing like crazy saying our thanks repeatedly. it was hilarious.

the ticket to the finals

then they passed us our "PASS" fan, and we posed. As calmly as possible we exited. actually how it really happened was we started making weird high pitched noises as we headed towards the exit and it got louder and louder til we were outside when we could finally let out our excitement =p screamed our heads off and started hugging each other and congratulating everyone. It was a great feeling. I could feel all the contestants eyes at us but it didnt matter becos we made it. It was one step achieved and a step closer to the prize.

Now that we passed auditions..... we have our work cut out for us before the finals on May 15th. I have such great expectations of my group, I really do hope we all work hard and do our best. For SHINee.... =)))

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Korea Wave Contest

another project to be done by the dancing group at SWM.... KTO presents: Korea Wave Contest!!

In conjunction with ‘Korea Be Inspired’ Festival 2010 and ‘Visit Korea Year 2010 – 2012’, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is organizing a Korean Wave Contest.

The competition is open to all Malaysians and K-pop fans in Malaysia. Participants are required to perform on either Korean song, dance and impersonality show. Participants would be judged on their singing/dancing ability, stage performance and costume. Participants are required to prepare their own minus one music. They can contact KTO for further assistance.

The competition offers many attractive prizes:-
Grand Prize:
5 x Tour packages to Korea
Second Prize:
2 x Tour packages to Korea
Third Prize:
RM 1,000.00

Along with this event, KTO will also be launching a special ‘Hallyu’ (Korean Wave) tour package to visit South Korea. The ‘Hallyu’ tour package is specially targeted to the ‘Hallyu’ fans in Malaysia.
People who are interested to participate in the competition can register their interest at Korea Plaza, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur or email us at klktocontest@gmail.com or contact KTO at 03 2143 9000. Registration begins from 16th March to 16th April 2010.

An audition will be held at the Korea Plaza, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng on 17th April from 2pm to 5pm. Participants can sign up as an individual or a group performance.

Korean Wave Contest final will be held at KL Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, on 15th May from 2pm to 4pm.

‘Korea Be Inspired’ Festival 2010 and Korean Wave Contest is managed by GF World.

For more information, kindly contact:

Valene Tan
Communications & Events Manager
Korea Tourism Organization
Email: klktocontest@gmail.com
Contact: +603 2143 9000

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