Friday, February 26, 2010

Jonghyun Birthday Project- Jojo MV shooting

today was the day for the shooting of the MV. Its the song Jojo by SHINee. We are doing a dance music video of it in conjunction with Jonghyun's birthday project at SHINee World Malaysia forum.

It was a great experience. First time doing a video shooting at location and with props and costumes. I had so much fun! we learned alot. I hope to do more in the future. Especially with Taemin's birthday project coming next.

It was really tiring towards the end, and very hot, but well worth it. I hope this activity and the JBP turns out to be a great success!!

Also, I hope all members at the forum join the activities we have in store for this project, especially join the 2nd gathering at RedBox, The Gardens this coming weekend (6th March). The 2nd gathering will be the photo taking session thats going into the birthday card that we are making for JH. I really hope to see many faces there (new and old) to support SWM~

I have planned for the first airing of our MV to be during the 2nd gathering. That means only people who come to the gathering get to see it. Sorta like a sneak preview. It will remain a secret til then and wont be opened to public (in youtube) til after the JBP is over, which is in April.

now gotta get busy with the post production of the MV~~ ^^
wish me luck and look out for it in April!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

SHINee placards

hahah with nothing better to do, and with dreams of SHINee coming to perform in Malaysia, we decided to make SHINee placards!! hehe..

well my sis made the key one, and mine is the taemin one.

na ui sarangeun taemin~~ lol.

mine is actually two sided. the other side i wrote SHINee!! hehe~

wat ya'll think?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dance class galore~~

hehe we did some dance practice just now!! it was great. we finally recorded properly during a class....XD

we did Oh! by snsd

Also this is SHINee cover of Just Dance at KBS Gayo Daejun '09

wat ya'll think?? well we dont really hav so much time on our hands to be doing random classes. its just this week some girls are back home for Chinese New Year~ and we cant do proper practice without all members >.< so decided a good waste of time haha~

hope you guys enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

SWM Behind the Scenes of 1:59 event

hahahaha finally a 2nd bloopers episode!! this time its behind the scenes footage of the SWM performance at 1:59 charity event by MyHottest. I love this video!! gotta be my best work yet *blush blush*

i absolutely love how the concept turned out. i didnt realize we were living our roles hehe. *wink wink* watch and you'll understand. none of this was planned, we just happened to be the way we are ^^

well you have to watch it~ here it is:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SWM performance at 1:59 charity event

The video is finally out!! I must admit our vocals are .....=_="
but still....SWM first finished project JJANG!!

Watch! Watch!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My fanfic...

It's been so long since i've written anything. I was in a bad mood yesterday actually, what with lack of sleep and a test that i hav not properly studied for. suddenly i was hit with a great idea for a fanfic. it came out of the blue, and my writing skills have deteriorated some, so please be lenient.
Also, the story line is based on Lee Taemin of the Kpop idol group SHINee. I didnt plan for the story to turn 18sx, but it seems that way, after you read through some chapters LMAO... Well I guess if it does turn out that way, even Taemin wouldnt be old enough to read abt himself in this story >.<


anyways, the story is posted on SWM forum, and you have to be registered to read it. The link is here. Please read and comment!! Appreciate it~~

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