Sunday, January 31, 2010

1:59 MyHottest2pm Charity Event

SWM performed Jojo/Ring Ding Dong at 1:59 charity event!!

OMG it was a great event! A great success!!

we planned to go there and promote SHINee World Malaysia, and that's exactly what we did! We interacted with the organizers, the other fanclubs, the performers, the was a wonderful day for SWM!!

during the rehearsals, we even played around on-stage, and also joined other's performances dances. I love the K-pop idol world!! this is where my heart is~~
Thanks so much to MyHottest for hosting this event!! MyHottest jjang!!

Some pictures of the event:

me(taemin) n my sis(key) promoting first album LMAO!!

our group with Regina, organizer of the event

And not forgetting, I came out with the teaser video d!! watch! watch!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

SWM Hwaiting!!

Yay!! I'm finally done with the Bloopers 1st episode of the SHINee world malaysia (SWM) first mini-meet. it's hilarious!! we had so much fun LMAO!! dance until security shoo-ed us away from there XD

Here's the vid:

Also we have been confirmed to perform at MyHottest 1:59pm charity event at Korea Plaza 30Jan ^^ cant wait!! Look at their beautiful poster!!

SWM has its first poster too ngehehe......designed by Sandra ^^....Lookie lookie Taeminie so cute with that adorable bowler hat. I soooo want it!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Junior Super Show Malaysia!!

yay!! finally another SM artist concert in Malaysia!!~~

its been awhile since the DBSK concert in 2007, so i'm really looking forward to this!!

the pre-ticket sale is this week, starting 18th january. and they only open one counter which is at sungei wang. so everyone was rushing to get their tickets. i told my sis not to worry, since we are buying at the rock pitt b, we dont really need to rush anything. but hearing about people lining up for 8 hours to get tickets on the first day, kinda got us worried lol >.<

so we bought the tickets straight away haha~~

got em today~

so to all you SuJu fans who are going to the concert in March.....see ya there!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

SHINee World (Shawol) Malaysia First Mini Meet

SHINee World Malaysia (previously SHINee Malaysia Forums) has finally made the first leap and did a mini meet up of its members. it was a success!!

we discussed mainly on:
1) general introductions
2) shinee 2nd anniversary

also, there is a MyHottest2pm Charity concert at korea plaza on the 30th of january. we plan to dance and introduce ourselves as malaysian shawols =)) it'll be great~

btw here's our first mini meet-up intro...

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