Friday, October 30, 2009

Pop! Baby~~

this week i've come to UG alot more often than orginally planned. You see, this week my exam started and i was supposed to slow down my extra-curricular activities =) but i couldnt help it.

Dance class is so invigorating. Even though I'm stressed from exams, even though I'm so tired from all the studying.

Monday i went to bBoy freezes and House dance class. My leg was in pain on tuesday, so i laid off it. Wednesday i came again for bBoy freezes, followed by locking and new style. This week i met new girl in class. Her name is Sabrina, and she is from China. She's very nice and talkative and sweet girl. =) I will get a picture of her next post

We talked alot and decided to go UG groove session party together next saturday. it will be a blast! I wanna take lotsa pictures with everyone!!

Btw today (thursday) I decided to go with adek to UG. We went for girl style foundation, popping and then hip hop. I knew Joel taught popping on this day, and I wasnt really keen to go since I'm not a good popper. But i went with adek anyway.
Turns out I'm not as bad as i used to be. least I was keeping up with the (very beginner's) class.
And when we were about to leave, and i bravely said bye to (the very intimidating) Joel, he said i should come to his new style class on saturday. Haha i've long wanted to go, i was just afraid of him =p
well, now i can go, rest-assured. ^^

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A look back

Today first day of exam...didnt do splendidly well, but didnt study enuf also, so i'm not complaining.

I actually do not want to burden my SLE at this stressful time. Just in case got some weirdo come read this and not understand, SLE is systemic lupus erythematosus, which is a disease of the immune system. In AIDS, immune system too low, u can die from normal infection, like the common cold. In SLE, immune system too high, my body starts attacking itself. In my case, my kidneys...
its a chronic disease, means i'm on medication for life, sometimes its under ctrl, sometimes it might get worse, and likely will die from it =( but we all die in the end wat..

I read some girl who has SLE kidneys too, within 12years she developed end stage renal failure. it means her kidneys are too damaged to work anymore. she's on dialysis 3x a week. i wonder how she controlled her disease. i wonder if dancing will aggravate it...i wonder if i can be healthier..

i cannot say i never complained about my disease before, but i think i took it pretty well. during the months that i was bed-ridden and sick, i didnt cry...except for that one day, when i was thinking that i will never dance again. somehow that really hit me hard in the stomach. all my life i really loved to dance. i promised myself i will go to dance studio, i will learn better, i will make more dance frens...but i always put it off...due to school life, work, priorities, etc.
and suddenly this came my way.

after i got sick, i vowed if i ever got better, i'm taking every opportunity i have to go for dancing. i will enroll at UG, i will go to classes, i will dance again.

and i'm happy to say, that is what i have been doing this past 2months. and i am happy. =)

so what if i got SLE? mayb this is just God's way of telling me to slow down, and find what really makes me happy in life.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 09/10 part3

After the party~~ So hungry then eat at Station 1 across the streets. Actually many hunks also went there to celebrate, but i wasnt gonna be caught dead snapping their photos while they're eating ^^

Profile view hehe~~ Such a stalker pix

Kaileng eat my dry asam mee!!

This is wat I look like when i'm quiet and daydreaming....abt?.... =)
Iced chocolate anyone??

Look at her alcohol!! haha no was some sort of foamy tea hehe.

Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 09/10 part2

This is the stage after the show...pretty spooky

Me and kai leng always out looking for fun =p

The top12. I love this picture yea =)

This guy we thought was cute, so i snapped a pix of him. He made it thru too hehe.

Joel is one of the winners! ^^

Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 09/10

When this guy won best talent. He did the fire dance thingy..

Joel was hunk no.29. ^^

This guy did shuffling for his talent. I'm not such a big fan of shuffle. I dun remember if he made it thru or not.

Line up of all the hunks

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Euphoric Exp

haha we did it! we went to try out Euphoria club for the first time!

I've never been clubbing before actually. So really a clubbing virgin haha!!

I know many people say its dangerous to go, some people tell me dont try it at all cos it's not worth it. Well, I live only once.. and when I got sick and couldnt walk for months, it really changed my perspective in life.

I need to break free of these rules! I need to live my life. Now. This is my chance, and I have to take every moment like its my last chance!

Ok, enough explaining. Now about the real experience. Haha learned our lesson NOT to go to club early!! it opens around 9pm, but there is NO dancing yet! We waited for hours before people actually finally decided to hit the dance floor.

Next, dont bring bag! Really annoying to dance with! Just need IC and camera, and handphone just in case you get lost from your friends.

Seriously, if you going to wear heels for the night, practice to dance in them first! I cant believe how difficult it is to dance with heels! I didnt think of any of this when i bought them. Must be more careful, and buy those gel foot padding so my feet wont hurt so much.

When we started dancing in a circle, it made us easy targets for weirdos to surround us or dance behind us. This is why its better to have guys with your group, to protect you.

I turned around sometimes to find a guy grinding his way behind me. freaky stuff i tell you. Me and my friends, first few times, we decided to run away. But since its sooo packed with a sea of people dancing, after a few times, we decided to let it go la. As long as the guy dont touch us, let him dance however he wants. But i had one tall skinny guy behind me once, he was really really close, like rubbing clothes punya close ma. So we had to run away again that time LoL.

But overall we had a good first experience! Took some photos! It was great! I'll upload the photos soon!! But now must go to sleep and rest before the Hottest Hunks Event tomorrow!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Oct 2009's the weekend, but it's the busiest weekend so far! You wanna know why? It's cause this weekend, not only do I have my Bakti Siswa Book Carnival, but I also have a dance performance at Kajang! Talk about a packed schedule. Between juggling meetings for the book carnival and dance practice, I barely have anytime for myself!! And next week I have a test and presentation too~~ =p oh my!

The Book Carnival went off as planned. We arrived at KC in the morning, unpacked all the books and magazines, and began our sales. The 'drinks' booth was also opened. The only problem we had was that there was some miscommunication about the blood donation campaign, and we had to abort that plan. But the sales went on smooth. I am happy about that =)

I left early to go for dress rehearsals at Kajang. It was a great thing we did the rehearsal in full costume, because the white formal shirt idea we originally planned was a disaster! We can barely move in it! So we decided on a white top instead, leniency on the details of the top. It looked and felt so much better~~ I think we danced really well tonight! We really did much better than the 17 Got Talent auditions. I think it's because it is a performance, we were more laid back and no stress, that we were able to perform better. The dance came off more powerful and there were no mistakes done at all. We're very happy with tonight's dance! I'm really proud of us~~

Kudos to the juniors for pulling off a spectacular 'Nobody' cover performance. It looked really hot, especially with the lighting and pink backdrop, everything blended in really well. I'm so happy for them~~ And they looked even better dance in casual chic pink & white, rather than the formal black attire. You guys did an awesome performance! Congrats~~

I hope they will upload pictures and vids soon. I'll repost them here =))) Cant wait!

7 Oct 2009

Another wednesday comes...i love wednesday because it's the greatest day to go Urban Groove dance studio. Then i can learn from Doris, Jerry and Sylvia in one day. OMG, i can do a 4hour dance practice in one day! Talk about tiring! And when I go back, I'd be sooooo hungry!!
But it'd all be worth it, because I really love to DANCE! Dance is my life!!

Well today I got lucky because for Biochemistry lab, we were missing some reagents, so we couldnt do the experiment. Instead, we were let go early, and I had the chance to drive to the studio to catch the hip hop class at 5pm with Doris. She is such a cute instructor! And she's very nice, so we all feel at ease when we learn under her.

This is Doris ^^ If you have the chance to meet her, I'm sure you'd all love her to teach you dance too hehe.

Hip hop foundation is really a basics class. No pressure. Good to get your foundation, because hip hop is really the main thing you must be able to do before you specialize in any street dance.

Then we did some 'Tell me your wish' practice, and got some dinner at KFC. Then followed by Locking foundation class with Jerry!! Jerry is such a funny teacher ^^ but I love to learn from him, mainly cos he dances so great.
This is Jerry~~
I've never done locking before, so pardon my many mistakes. I'm not used to such a happy dance LoL! I was laughing at myself the whole time. I look like an idiot with ape arms!! Seriously, need to do locking better haha~~
Then Jerry taught new style class, which was a continuation of the 'Mad' by Neyo. Jerry's choreography truly is....mad! We were running around chasing our tails basically the whole time. Not literally, but what I mean is, the steps were tough. Hehe but I loved the choreography. I think it's very pretty. Sorry Jerry, if I show your work to others, it's cos I enjoy it so much hehe!!

Lastly, at 9.30-10.30pm is popping foundation class. This is the reason why we even decided to come to UG in the first place. We wanted our foundation! Hehe so every week, rain or shine, test or no test, I will come to this class. =) I'm am soooo bad at it still, but I'll work very hard, and try to get better soon. Sylvia teaches this class on wednesdays.
This is Sylvia~~

She's so adorable and small, but really she's a great dancer. She also has a good eye for dancing and is a good teacher, so she tells me when and where I do mistakes, and explains it in a way that I can understand and correct myself. I heard learning under Joel is tougher, but I've never tried before. Later in November, when I have more free time, I'll get my unlimited package and go class everyday ^^ That way, I get a chance to learn from every teacher. Won't that be fun??

I can't wait for the holidays!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

post-17 got talent

the competition is over. I didnt win anything la...all my videos uploaded on my facebook. something wrong I cant upload on youtube. oh well..

find me 'eredia' on facebook =)))

Thursday, October 1, 2009

17 Got Talent pre-contest jitters!

OMG the competition is tomorrow night! is just hours away? I wonder if we are truly ready? We've practiced hard this week, trying to make our steps more synchronized. I've prepared a teaser for you people out there.. hehe, my friend shmily uploaded it on youtube.


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