Sunday, September 27, 2009

back to school jitters

is it just me? or does everyone feel it? when your school starts in a few days, and your body goes into slow-down motion, and you lose all energy to get anything done, and keep praying to God 'can't the holidays last a bit longer?'

I actually like school. Having to get up and go to classes. Classes can be enjoyable, if you're on top of things that is. Plus, (since I'm basically a geek) it's one of my more 'social' activities haha! otherwise, I don't interact with other people much.

Anyways, back to subject. Usually at the beginning of your holiday, you would throw all things aside and yell out 'woohoo' and rejoice the holiday. once you've dried up all your ideas of 'things-to-do-on-holiday', then the boredom kicks in, and you start moping around the house more. Eventually you will reach a point where you decide it's better to have taken a job, or 'would this holiday end already?'. By this point, things move along pretty quickly, and you pretty much don't know where all the time has gone. Then you get to the 'back to school' part. School starts in a few days. And you want nothing more than to extend the holidays just a little longer. To do what actually? Mope more? Haha!

Actually a little stress in life is good. I want to wake from this sleep. I need this wake-up call. So bring on the jitters. Monday is coming to town, girls~~

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Moon madness

i know i said Edward Cullen is off limits to post about, but I think New Moon is still within boundaries. Don't you? =)

Anyways, did you see all the trailers yet? Especially the one they released at MTV VMAs. Finally they show some Volturi action hehe =)

See it here.

No offense to team Jacob, it's just that when I read the book I thought after chapter 'The End' was rather weird and painful, and I didn't take a breather until I reached Edward's part again, with the whole Volturi thing going on. I wont explain in detail because it's kind of a spoiler, for you non-readers out there.

Somehow even when they're just casting for the movie, I really agree to Dakota Fanning playing Jane's character. You've gotta admit, Jane is a pretty cool vampire. I wouldn't mind having her powers, albeit them being rather sadistic. She and that 'twin' bro of hers. I've forgotten much of the detail in the story. Must read it again!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This semester, out of a whim, I decided to follow friends take up Korean language. It's my first attempt at learning this language. Unlike Japanese in which I have plenty of access to, Korean is harder and not something I can get accustomed to easy. Thank God some of the sentence structure is similar to that of Japanese in that I can handle learning that much on my own. I have to focus on building vocabulary for the time being, I've learnt that this is key factor in beginning to learn a language.

In UPM, you can only take up to 3 levels per-foreign language. I've just taken level 1 for this semester. Level 1 is not bad. For the most part we learned their writing, Hangeul, and just started some sentence structure, such as important particles. The important thing is we are building vocabulary, which can be useful for the next level. I'm thinking of stalling my Japanese classes for Korean level 2 next semester. That way, I'll be taking it with friends. The reason I can't take it together with Japanese is that
1. it gets confusing when I mix up the words (some words are very similar)
2. the exams for all foreign languages are on the same date and time (I think to limit a student to one language per semester).

So for next semester, I need to be taking only 1 language. If shmily, carol, cin ing and suisien decide on continuing Korean, then I'm in for it too. I hope the boys are gonna continue too, therefore we have hope of asking Dr.Kim to teach us for level 2 too, at our faculty. That way, we wouldn't have to travel (which would suck..)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

17 got talent

1st and 2nd October, there's gonna be this talent competition at my hostel at UPM. The title is '17 got' talent'. Sounds kinda cheesy, i know, but any reason to be dancing, I'll go yeah?

So I'm entering this contest twice. One as solo dance performance, the other as group. Am I over-doing it? Really? So sue me =p
The solo dance I want to make a surprise, hopefully. I'm learning some moves on my own, and maybe incorporating some steps I learned at Urban Groove. I'm thinking of releasing a dance practice video after the competition. For the time being, this piece is a secret. ^o^

The group dance I'm doing with shmily, kee and liane. We're doing SNSD's Tell me your wish. I cut the song to fit the 3 minute limit for auditions. We'll do full (remix) version at the finals if we make it.
I hope we'll do fine. I'm worried about synchronization and overall look of the group. But I shouldn't stress so much about this, I think. It's only a small competition after all. Wining would be nice just to get the prizes, haha, but wining in particular is not my main concern, as opposed to making a great impression. I want to get us more bookings! I want people to call on us for performances! Come on team! We can do it! Aja aja hwaiting!!

**after the competition, I'm sure to upload our dance videos, so wait and see~~

the beginning

oh well, since so many people are doing it too, i guess it's okay to start a blog then. i've been thinking about starting one since quite some time ago, but never got the time to do it. so, this is it. the big launch. we'll see how this goes, yeah?

*i'm thinking i'll keep this blog strictly activities and thoughts only, no fan-girling allowed. so i'll lay off the taemin, changmin n edward cullen fandom for at least this much (^o^)/

today i'll just launch this blog, n edit it. i'll start blogging tomorrow onwards yeah? see you

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